Castrol Tribol 3020/1000-2 - Fluid Greases with TGOA - 3432

Castrol Tribol 3020/1000-2 - Fluid Greases with TGOA - 3432

Castrol Tribol 3020/1000-2 - Fluid Greases with TGOA - 3432


CASTROL TRIBOL™ 3020/1000 fluid greases with TGOA™ were designed for applications which require good pumpability of the lubricant and properties to withstand heavy loads. In gear units which are not sealed oil-tight and in large slow-speed bearings the CASTROL TRIBOL 3020/1000 greases provide for a sufficient lubricating film due to their high base oil viscosity. The TGOA additive package outperforms all other EP and antiwear additives because of its unique action on frictional surfaces.
CASTROL TRIBOL 3020/1000 have a lithium soap as thickener. The base oils are high-viscosity mineral oils forming a stable lubricant film to withstand high continuous loads, shock loads and vibrations. The TGOA additive package is activated by high specific loads and corresponding temperatures causing a chemical physical reaction. This results in an equalisation of surface roughness without creating abrasion. The results of the TGOA additives can be compared with a rolling process in the micro-range. The surface roughnesses are gradually leveled and smoothed. Through smoothing of the working surfaces, the loads are distributed over increasing areas and the actual load carrying areas are enlarged. During the running-in process, the TGOA additive package creates an optimum of smooth contact surfaces. If, because of shock loads, or stop-and-go operation, surface roughness peaks redevelop, the TGOA additives are automatically reactivated. Surface roughness is again equalized and lubrication optimised.
Corrosion and oxidation inhibitors maximise effective rust protection and long life of the grease.
CASTROL TRIBOL 3020/1000 meet NLGI consistency grades commonly available for these types of lubricants.



Typical applications for CASTROL TRIBOL 3020/1000 fluid greases are non-oil-tight gear units, rolling and sliding bearings, bushings, slides and general lubrication designed for fluid-grease lubrication. Operating temperatures range from –40°C to +120°C.



  • Excellent pumpability in central lubrication systems.
  • Repairing of damaged friction surfaces (roughness) due to the TGOA additives.
  • Extended lubrication interval.
  • Reduced wear and noise.
  • Lowering of the operating temperatures.
  • Low downtime thus reducing maintenance and repair costs.
  • Due to their excellent adhesion, these greases offer an optimum sealing effect.


Additional Information:

CASTROL TRIBOL 3020/1000 should not be mixed with greases using a different thickener.
CASTROL TRIBOL 3020/1000 greases exceed the minimum requirements for greases „G“ according to DIN51826.
Application may be made manually with grease guns or automatic dispensing systems, designed for the respective NLGI grades


Pack size available - 18kg can

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