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Corrosion Preventatives

Corrosion Preventatives

Houghton Ensis Engine Oil 30W - Compatible rust preventive engine oil - 30266

Houghton Ensis Engine Oil 30W - Compatible rust preventive engine oil - 30266


Ensis Engine Oil 30 is oil specially formulated to provide long-term internal protection of gasoline and diesel engines.



  • Provides internal protection of I.C and C.I engines, gearboxes and trans-missions during shipment, storage or laying up.
  • The protective oil forms an enduring film that will remain on the internal surfaces of the treated equipment to provide excellent protection against corrosion for a considerable period.
  • May also be used as a temporary service lubricant before laying up and recommissioning. Ensis Engine oils may be used as the service lubricant until the first oil change in many types of engine.
  • Ensis Engine oils are applied by using the correct viscosity grade in place of the normal service lubricant for a short period before shut down.

Ensis Engine Oil 30 is used neat as supplied.



  • Good compatibility: Compatible with high performance mineral oil service lubricants to avoid the necessity for costly flushing.
  • Excellent rust prevention: Contain additives to neutralize the acidic products of combustion.
  • Safer handling: High flash points and low volatility - to minimize the fire risk in application and storage.
  • Conforms to requirements as specified in BS 1133, TP6.
  • Ensis Engine oils are compatible with all normal mineral oil seal materials.


Pack sizes available - 209ltr drums

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