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Food Grade Oils

Food Grade Oils

Castrol Optileb HY 68 - Food Grade Hydraulic Oils - 3600

Castrol Optileb HY 68 - Food Grade Hydraulic Oils - 3600


Castrol Optileb HY 68 is primarily designed as a non-toxic hydraulic fluid, manufactured solely from FDA (United States Food and Drugs Administration) listed ingredients for use within the food processing industry, particularly where incidental contact with foodstuffs may occur. Optileb HY 68 is USDA H1 / NSF Approved certificate no. 134153.



Castrol Optileb HY grades have excellent anti-wear performance and can be used in hydraulic systems with all types of pumps and motors at their rated speeds and pressures. They are extremely resistant to water wash and offer excellent corrosion protection, making them also suitable for use as a light lubricating oil in wet environments or in applications where equipment is frequently washed down. It is recommended that systems being converted to Optileb HY grades are thoroughly drained and flushed before filling to prevent contamination with previous hydraulic fluid.



User benefits include:

  • Contain only FDA listed raw materials
  • Authorised by USDA for Category H1 service
  • Non staining, Non toxic
  • Food grade lubricant
  • Excellent anti-wear performance
  • Minimising component wear, giving long term reliability of pumps and motors
  • Extremely water resistant
  • Gives excellent corrosion protection


Pack sizes available - 20ltr, 208ltr barrel

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