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General Lubricating Oil

General Lubricating Oil

Houghton Houghto-Drive HL 150 - Hydraulic Oil - 43241

Houghton Houghto-Drive HL 150 - Hydraulic Oil - 43241


Houghto-Drive HL Lubricating Oils incorporate lead-free and chlorine-free additives in high quality solvent refined base oils.

Resistant to Rust and Oxidation, they are suitable for economical lubrication of general machine tool and workshop equipment, including light duty hydraulic systems.



Plain and roller bearings, low stress shafts and bevel gearboxes, low pressure light duty hydraulic units, air-operated tools and other total loss systems.



  • Economical lubrication for extended equipment life.
  • Multifunctionality aids inventory management.
  • Reduced overall operating costs.
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