Castrol Molub-Alloy 2115-2 - High temperature grease - 4373

Castrol Molub-Alloy 2115-2 - High temperature grease - 4373

Castrol Molub-Alloy 2115-2 - High temperature grease - 4373


Castrol Molub-Alloy™ 2115 grease is a thermally stable high temperature synthetic bearing lubricant. It is formulated from an advanced synthetic fluid and thickened with a temperature stable non-soap base. Molub-Alloy 2115 includes a blend of performance additives and Molub-Alloy lubricating solids for exceptional wear protection and is designed to greatly extend service life and relubrication intervals in high temperature bearings.

Available in 6.8kg tins



Primarily developed for extended service in oven conveyor bearings, Molub-Alloy 2115 is recommended for bearings operating in paint drying ovens, textile tentering frames, and similar applications where minimum reapplication and dripfree performance is required. Molub-Alloy 2115 can be used in continuous service at 250°C/482°F and may be exposed to intermittent temperatures up to 280ºC/536ºF. Forced draft ventilation should be used at temperatures exceeding 200ºC. Molub-Alloy 2115 can be applied manually or with automatic dispensing equipment.



User benefits include:

  • Thermally and chemically stable – unparallel resistance to oxidation at high temperatures therefore extending relubrication intervals without undue risk of under lubrication, lubrication starvation, or an increase in power draw.
  • Virtually inert below 300ºC/575ºF – resists the thickening and hardening that is typical of petroleum greases in high temperature service.
  • Even at high temperatures, Molub-Alloy 2115 is resistant to organic solvents and most chemicals, including strong acids, alkalis, and oxidising agents.
  • Low volatility – does not volatilise readily at high temperatures and/or when exposed to high vacuum.
  • Formulated to address environmental concerns – it is free of lead, chlorinated solvents, and barium.


Additional Information:

Molub-Alloy 2115 should not be mixed with other greases or oils. In case of doubt please consult your local Technical Services. Molub-Alloy 2115 has a very low order of toxicity at room temperature with no significant irritation to skin or eyes. At 200ºC/392ºF, small quantities of toxic fumes are generated. The use of 2115 above 200ºC is not recommended without the use of forced draft ventilation. At 300ºC/572ºF, 2115 decomposition begins to accelerate, and small amounts of highly toxic, potentially acidic vapours are formed. Positive draft ventilation to the atmosphere is essential. Clean-up may be difficult because of the excellent resistance to ordinary cleaners and solvents. However, there are some industrial cleaners (fluorinated solvents) which can be used effectively.

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