Castrol Molub-Alloy 9141-1 - High-temperature grease - 4406

Castrol Molub-Alloy 9141-1 - High-temperature grease - 4406

Castrol Molub-Alloy 9141-1 - High temperature grease for steel industry applications - 4406


CASTROL MOLUB-ALLOY® 9141-1 is designed as a multi-purpose grease for applications in steel and heavy industries. Especially in hot rolling mills and continuous caster bearing lubrication, CASTROL MOLUB-ALLOY® 9141-1 has proven its performance. Owing to the unique combination of lithium and aluminium complex thickener systems CASTROL MOLUBALLOY® 9141-1 resists hardening or softening during intense heating inside tubes, feed-lines and bearings, as well as running off due to water contamination, which is often found in the steel industry. CASTROL MOLUB-ALLOY® 9141-1 is manufactured from mineral oil, which was selected for optimum physical and chemical stability. The combined lithium/aluminium complex system provides excellent stability at elevated temperatures and applications exposed to water contamination. A selected blend of additives support the lubricating film formation. Corrosion and oxidation inhibiting characteristics ensure optimum rust protection and long service life of the grease.

Available in 18Kg tins, 52kg keg



Typical applications are sliding and rolling bearings of low to moderate speed in the steel industry. Especially in continuous casters and hot rolling mills, where the lubricant is exposed to elevated temperatures and high water contamination, the advantages of CASTROL MOLUB-ALLOY® 9141-1 become apparent. Can be used at operating temperature ranges of -20 to +140°C according to DIN 51502. Depending on the ambient conditions and applications CASTROL MOLUB-ALLOY® 9141-1 may also be used at different temperatures.


User benefits include:

  • The unique thickener combination provides excellent resistance to the washing action of hot or cold process water in service.
  • During times of intensive heating inside tubes and feed-lines CASTROL MOLUB-ALLOY® 9141-1 resists hardening and softening.
  • Increased load carrying capacity are achieved with high-viscosity base oils and a selected blend of additives.
  • Excellent grease stability guarantees extended relubrication cycles.
  • Increased service life of the bearings results in lowered maintenance and repair costs.


Additional Information:

  • Relubrication intervals should be extended gradually to remove previous lubricant completely.
  • Relubrication intervals depend an temperature, type and condition of the bearing, as well as ambient conditions of the application. Therefore, the intervals must be determined with each application.
  • At operating temperatures above 140°C frequent relubrication should take place.
  • Apart from being applied via a manual grease gun CASTROL MOLUB-ALLOY® 9141-1 can also be used in automatic lubricating systems suited for NLGI 2 greases.
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