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Castrol Tribol 3020/1000-1 - Duty greases with TGOA® - 4395

Castrol Tribol 3020/1000-1 - Duty greases with TGOA® - 4395


Tribol® 3020/1000 greases are designed for very heavy duty service in adverse environments. Formulated with lithium soap as thickener, high viscosity mineral oil and advanced TGOA® additive system they are able to withstand high continuous loads, shock loads and vibrations. The TGOA® additive package outperforms all other EP and anti-wear additives because of its unique action on frictional surfaces.

Available in 18Kg tins



Typical applications for Tribol® 3020/1000 are in rolling and sliding bearings, bushings, slides and curved tooth couplings, especially where loads are high and relative speeds are low. Such applications are found in heavy duty industries including mining, construction on shore drilling and offshore installations. Application of Tribol® 3020/1000 may be made manually with grease guns or automatic dispensing systems. Temperature operating range from –30°C to +120°C.


Conditions of Use 

Tribol® 3020/1000 should not be mixed with greases using a different thickener. Lubrication intervals should be increased gradually to ensure complete removal of previous lubricant and to use the TGOA® additives to their full advantages.



  • Tribol® 3020/1000 offer optimum protection and long life to seals, as well as forming a protective barrier in damaged seals.
  • Reduced friction due to the effect of the TGOA® additives is most evident under boundary and mixed film lubrication conditions. This benefit is most pronounced where frequent start-ups, slow speeds or high and unexpected loads are encountered.
  • Resists centrifugal fling out due to its high base oil viscosity and cohesive characteristics.
  • Operation with longer parts life and extended lubrication cycles.
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