Castrol Molub-Alloy 860/460-2 ES - High-performance grease - 4303

Castrol Molub-Alloy 860/460-2 ES - High-performance grease - 4303

Castrol Molub-Alloy 860/460-2 ES - High-performance grease - 4303


Castrol Molub-Alloy™ 860 ES greases are high-performance multi-service lithium greases formulated from premium petroleum base oils, lubricating solids and a combination of corrosion inhibitors specifically chosen for protection against corrosive process waters. These are designed to extend the service life of bearings in heavy-duty applications and at elevated temperatures. Molub-Alloy 860 ES greases provide an appropriate oil film for applications at slower to moderate speeds, higher loads, and/or higher temperatures sustained for longer periods of time. The load-carrying and anti-wear capabilities of Molub-Alloy 860 ES greases exceeds conventional complex greases. High performance is the result of chemical additives working synergistically with select Molub-Alloy lubricating solids which are dispersed uniformly throughout the grease. The lubricating solids offer their greatest benefit at slow speeds or when bearings endure heavy loads and shocks. Solids also protect newly machined bearing surfaces during the critical period of 'running in'. Good bearing surfaces are essential for long service life.

Available in 190Kg drum



Molub-Alloy 860/460 ES greases should be used when loads are heavy, temperatures are elevated (up to 204ºC/400ºF) and speeds are slow, such applications include anti-friction bearings, bushings, sheaves and couplings. Primary industry, including steel - use Molub-Alloy 860 ES greases near hot ingots, soaking pits and reheat furnaces to lubricate pit cover carriages, mill stand screws, slipper couplings, roll bearings, manipulators and guide rolls for continuous casters. Paper Industry - on paper machines, use Molub-Alloy 860 ES greases on the 'wet end' couch, suction, and press roll bearings where water wash, corrosive process waters and high temperatures are present. Mining, construction, onshore drilling and offshore installations where heavily loaded slow speed applications subjected to shock loading in extreme environments.



User benefits include:

  • Excellent friction reduction characteristics due to Molub-Alloy solid lubricants - easier start-up, reduced heat and reduced energy leading to longer bearing life.
  • Exceptional water resistance - coating film stays on the surface even in the presence of water, even when exposed to the action of hot and chemically active process water.
  • Excellent EP and anti-wear properties - protects equipment against extreme/shock loading and helps minimise bearing component wear and hence extends equipment life.
  • Excellent mechanical stability and adhesion - grease keeps its consistency in service ensuring long-term protection and reduced consumption as film stays between lubricated surfaces.
  • Outstanding oxidation/thermal stability and high dropping point - provides reliable performance and extended lubricant life in high-temperature applications.
  • Formulated to address environmental concerns - it is free of antimony, barium, lead and zinc.


Additional Information:

  • At temperatures above 121ºC/250ºF, regular reapplications of 860 ES must be considered.
  • At temperatures near 177ºC/350ºF, weekly reapplications of 860 ES are suggested.
  • For continuous service near 204ºC/400ºF, reapply 860 ES daily or once every shift.

Molub-Alloy 860 ES greases have been used above 232ºC/450ºF. However, frequent reapplication of grease is necessary to prevent deterioration of the petroleum base oil. Reapply before the grease in the bearing stiffens. In order to minimise potential incompatibilities when converting to a new grease, all previous lubricant should be removed as much as possible prior to operation. During initial operation, relubrication intervals should be monitored closely to ensure all previous lubricant is purged.

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