Castrol Anvol PE 46 HR - Fire resistant hydraulic fluid - 6045

Castrol Anvol PE 46 HR - Fire resistant hydraulic fluid - 6045

Castrol Anvol PE 46 HR - Fire resistant hydraulic fluid - 6045


Castrol Anvol PE 46 HR is a phosphate ester based fire resistant hydraulic fluid (ISO Classification HFD 46R) intended for use in steam turbine governor and boiler control systems.

Available in 208L drums



Anvol PE 46 HR was developed to eliminate service problems in high pressure systems resulting from spool valve erosion/corrosion – fluid leakage and loss of response - by possessing the properties known to minimise this effect, notably high resistivity, low chlorine content and a high level of fluid cleanliness. Anvol PE 46 HR is manufactured from 100% triaryl phosphate esters selected for their excellent hydrolytic stability and has exceptionally good anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties.

Anvol PE 46 HR exceeds the requirements of:
Alstom HTDG 690 149E
Alstom SBV PR 1001 B
Alstom (UK) TCS 970
General Electric GEK 46357
Siemens TLV 9012



User benefits include:

  • High flash point, fire point and auto-ignition temperature provide excellent fire resistance.
  • The tendency to cause spool valve erosion is closely related to the resistivity of phosphate ester fluids, with low values causing service problems. Resistivity is above 50M Ohm/m – sufficiently high to virtually eliminate valve corrosion/erosion by electro-kinetic effects.
  • Chlorine content – investigations into the causes of valve erosion show the chlorine content to be important. The chlorine content is at a nominal level of 50ppm in order to minimise the possibility of valve erosion.
  • High level of fluid cleanliness – minor amounts of particulate contamination can cause abrasive wear, filter blockage and valve sticking.



Anvol PE 46 HR is compatible with all metals commonly found in electro-hydraulic control systems.
Where paint materials are used, they should be epoxy resin based.
In common with all phosphate ester fluids, special seals are required. The following materials are suitable: Viton, Silicone, Ethylene Propylene Rubber, Butyl Rubber, PTFE.


Additional Information:

Conversion precautions - It is essential that rigorous flushing should be carried out when converting systems from other fluids to phosphate esters. All scale should be removed, and filters, hoses, seals and internally painted surfaces should be checked for compatibility with the new fluid.

Service precautions - Periodic measurement of the fluid neutralisation number should be made during service as this provides a good guide to any product degradation which may occur. The level and rate of change of neutralisation value will be dependant upon the installation, conditions of operation, and whether in-line filtration of the fluid is carried out. In service it is necessary to maintain the high resistivity by Fullers Earth Filtration, otherwise fluid degradation and/or moisture contamination causes the value to fail.

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