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Total Biohydran RS 38 B - Biodegradable hydraulic oil - 112707

Total Biohydran RS 38 B - Biodegradable hydraulic oil - 112707



  • BIOHYDRAN RS 38 B is a vegetable oil based biodegradable hydraulic fluid.
  • Applied as a replacement of hydraulic mineral oils in activities such as civil engineering, construction, quarrying, gravel plies,…
  • BIOHYDRAN RS 38 B is particularly recommended when there is a possible contamination of water : forestry operations, off-shore, river dredging, winter sport,…
  • BIOHYDRAN RS 38 B can replace mineral oils after a complete drain of the circuit followed by a replacement of the filter.






  • Outstanding anti-wear properties which provide a long live time for all moving parts.
  • Good protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Miscible with most mineral and biodegradable oils.
  • Outstanding viscosimetric performances offering a very wide range of operating temperatures. Very high natural viscosity index.
  • Very good shear stability, permitting the best optimum working conditions for hydraulic equipment.


Pack sizes available - 208L drums

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