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Total Martol EP 100 CF - Stamping oil - 167671

Total Martol EP 100 CF - Stamping oil - 167671



  • Cutting, stamping, extrusion and drawing of low-to medium-carbon steels.
  • This product is particularly well-suited to materials that must not be in contact with chlorinated products.



  • Doped fluid mineral oil free of any chlorinated additives.
  • Excellent spreading of the oil film.
  • Good stamping and drawing capacity.
  • The originality of the formulation takes into account the improvement in the operative conditions thus ensuring additional comfort to users.
  • The oiliness, anti-wear and extreme-pressure dopings provide better tool resistance and a very good surface state, which elements contribute to a reduction in production costs.
  • Elimination: degreasing by the usual solvents and hot alkaline lyes.
  • The need to protect the environment together with the demand on the part of certain industries have led us to formulate chlorine-free products.
  • This oil achieves performances wholly comparable to those obtained with chlorinated products while at the same time offering the advantage of not causing pollution and of being able to be eliminated at least cost.


Pack sizes available - 208L drums

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