Houghton Aqua-Quench 365 - Nitrite free multi-purpose polymer quenchant - 54900

Houghton Aqua-Quench 365 - Nitrite free multi-purpose polymer quenchant - 54900

Houghton Aqua-Quench 365 - Nitrite free multi-purpose polymer quenchant - 54900


Aqua-Quench 365 is a polyalkylene glycol (PAG) based quenchant providing quenching speeds between those of oil and water. Aqua-Quench 365 eliminates the smoke, fume, fire hazards associated with oil quenching and provides flexibility of quenching speed. Its nitrite free corrosion inhibitor system provides excellent protection to quench tank, fixtures and fittings, cooling systems and associated pipework.



Aqua-Quench 365 is diluted with water in use and provides extremely uniform quenching characteristics. The quenching speed of Aqua-Quench 365 can be varied to suit the steel specific steel hardenability and component requirements by varying the concentration and temperature of the solution and the degree of agitation in the quench tank.

1% to 10% solutions improve wettability on the component surface thereby imparting a more uniform quench and preventing soft spotting frequently associated with water quenching. These low concentrations are generally used for steels of very low hardenability and can be used for induction hardening applications.

10% to 20% solutions provide accelerated quenching characteristics faster than those of accelerated quenching oils, and are therefore suitable for low hardenability steels and applications where optimum hardness and mechanical properties are required.

20% to 35% solutions provide slower cooling rates suitable for a wide range of through hardening and case hardening steels.

Successful application of Aqua-Quench 365 will depend upon steel composition, component surface condition, section thickness and geometry. Aqua-Quench 365 has been used for quenching a wide range of through hardening and carburising steels and can be used in many different types of furnace including continuous mesh belt and shaker hearth furnaces, rotary scroll and sealed quench furnaces, as well as for direct quenching into open quench tanks.

Aqua-Quench 365 is also suitable for induction hardening applications and the quenching of aluminium alloys following solution treatment i.e. alloy wheels, cylinder heads etc.



  • Develops optimum properties in components.
  • Flexibility of quenching speed.
  • Nitrite free corrosion inhibitor system.
  • Clean safe working environment
  • Eliminates fire hazard
  • Eliminates smoke and fume during quenching
  • Eliminates need for costly alkali cleaning or vapour degreasing prior to tempering
  • Eliminates oily floors around quench tanks
  • Quenching speed not significantly influenced by contamination with water
  • Highly economical in use.
  • Can be made available premixed at 50% dilution for delivery by RTW to assist with initial bulk fills.


Pack sizes available - 25ltr

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