Castrol Molub-Alloy MWO 50 A LP - High-performance Slideway oil - 4305

Castrol Molub-Alloy MWO 50 A LP - High-performance Slideway oil - 4305

Castrol Molub-Alloy MWO 50 A LP - High-performance Slideway oil - 4305


Castrol Molub-Alloy™ MWO 50 A LP Lubricant is a high performance slide and way lubricant. It was developed specifically to lubricate the rails of travelling pallets and the ways of work stations in automatic transfer machines used in high precision, high volume manufacturing.

Automatic transfer machines have been widely adopted by the automotive industry for machining automatic transmission housings and similar components. Demands for increased production have led to the design of higher and higher speed automatic transfer machines. Increased operating speeds have also spawned new metal cutting fluids and coolants which are highly surface active to enable an increase in the speed of tool wetting and the removal of heat. The surfactant additives used in these modern coolants have a detergent and cleansing action on oil and can rapidly displace lubricants used to protect the pallet guide rails and the ways at work stations. The special formulation of Molub-Alloy MWO 50 A LP lubricant resists the cleansing action of surface-active coolants so that wear on the rails and way is minimized and pallet motion is smooth and accurate.

Molub-Alloy MWO 50 A LP lubricant delivers positive lubrication to control wear and promote machining accuracy without excessive re-application or high lubricant consumption. The base oils used to blend MWO 50 A LP lubricant are high quality and selected for their ability to sustain a lubricating film despite sudden changes in load or shearing forces. The formulation includes selected polymer additives for both adhesive and cohesive characteristics. A select blend of Molub-Alloy lubricating solids is uniformly dispersed throughout the oil in a very stable suspension. Under extreme operating conditions, the lubricating solids provide lubrication even when the film is reduced to minimum thickness or where boundary conditions prevail. The value of the lubricating solids is reflected in the antiwear performance of this product. A carefully balanced treat rate of rust and oxidation inhibitors offers maximum rust protection for parts and long service life from the oil. Molub-Alloy MWO 50 A LP Lubricant is not corrosive to ferrous or nonferrous metals.



Molub-Alloy MWO 50 A LP lubricant was developed primarily to lubricate the pallet guide rails and guide-ways at work stations of automatic transfer machines.



  • Effectively controls stick-slip and is ideally suited for the lubrication of sliding way tables of most machine tools.
  • Highly resistant to the water wash-off - can be used as an effective chain lubricant in car wash lines, wire ropes and other applications exposed to water spray containing detergents.


Pack sizes available - 45 US Lb drum

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