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Slideway Oils

Houghton Sta-Put G 100 - Slideway Lubricant - gf/12497

Houghton Sta-Put G 100 - Slideway Lubricant - gf/12497


Sta-Put G Slideway Lubricants are high film strength lubricants comprising high load carrying anti stick-slip additives in premium quality base oils.

They are designed expressly for use where sliding motion takes place at high load and low speed and where absolute freedom from sticking or chattering of ways or slides is a necessity.



Ways and slides of grinders, planers, milling machines, shapers, lathes and other machine tools.



  • Longer plant / equipment life, with fewer failures.
  • Lower spend on maintenance and repairs.
  • Increased plant availability.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Improved machining accuracy.
  • Better finished component quality.


Pack sizes available - 185kg barrels, 20kg drums, 850kg IBC's

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