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Kernow Oils CoolantCare

Kernow Oils CoolantCare

Kernow Oils has the ability to support its metal-working accounts with a comprehensive service package to maintain the cutting fluids in use with the incorporation of a regimented and robust fluid testing programme.

Once a majority supply is achieved or a financial commitment is gained, Kernow Oils offer a visit from a CoolantCare Service Technician to monitor the condition of coolant in use at a pre-agreed timescale. This ensures that the fluid end user becomes compliant with the latest HSE guidelines with regards to fluid management. This programme includes concentration and pH checks along with visual management for each machine tool using a metal-working fluid through to advising on or physically carrying out corrective actions to ensure the coolant is performing to its optimum.

In order to ensure full HSE compliancy, a programme of dip-slide tests for bacterial and fungal infection can be undertaken for each machine tool. Again Kernow Oils can support you with this programme, by taking the slides during the visit, incubating for the necessary timescale and reporting back on the readings obtained for corrections.

Equally as important as the monitoring activities is the recording/reporting the results giving documentary evidence of the testing that has taken place. Following each visit data recording is done in two formats:

1. Machine side CoolantCare fluid control charts detailing the key fluid parameters.

2. Electronic recording system - Kernow Oils provide a visit summary report. This report is typically issued on an electronic spreadsheet & details all of the results/actions arising from the CoolantCare visit.

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