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Transmission & Gear Oils

BP Energear EP 80W - Automotive Transmission Oil

BP Energear EP 80W - Automotive Transmission Oil



Designed for use in a wide range of gear units with spur, bevel or helical gear design, including synchronized manual gearboxes, transmissions and axles under moderately severe load and pressure conditions.
It is applicable equally for passenger cars, light and heavy trucks, agricultural and building machinery, even for topping up well run-in hypoid transmission units.


Main Benefits

• High safety margin against foaming and corrosion.
• Reasonable viscosity/temperature and cold flow properties;
• Compatible with all seal and metal types Offers effective protection of gear transmissions prolonging component life



• GL-4
• MAN 341N,
• ZF TE-ML 02A and 17A
• MB235.1

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Castrol Manual EP 80W - Manual Transmission Fluid - 1897

Castrol Manual EP 80W - Manual Transmission Fluid - 1897


Castrol Manual EP 80W is a mineral based fluid suitable for use in applications where API GL-4 performance is required. Manual EP 80W is approved for use in MB transmissions used in light commercial vehicles and trucks and also approved for use in ZF manual transmissions.



  • Wide range of european OEM approvals.
  • High thermal stability protects against deposit formation and oil thickening maintaining the life and performance of lubricant and transmission.
  • Good antiwear and load carrying characteristics extend the life of components.


Product Performance Claims:
MAN 341 Z1, E1
MB-Approval 235.1
ZF - TE-ML 02B, 17A


Pack sizes available - 12x1ltr, 20ltr

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