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Castrol Anvol SWX 46


Castrol Anvol SWX 46 Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid


Castrol Anvol SWX 46 is a HFDU synthetic polyol ester-type hydraulic fluid for use in applications that require a high degree of lubricity and fire resistance according to Factory Mutual Category 1.

Anvol SWX products are outstanding in their category in providing a safe working environment and improved system reliability


Formulated to work in high-pressure hydraulic systems up to 7500psi Castrol Anvol SWX 46 provides all types of hydraulic pumps with protection against wear equivalent to that of mineral oils.

Anvol SWX is designed to combine HFDU fire resistance performance with superior system reliability and a reduced tendency to form varnish or sludge in valves, pipes and reservoirs. It also provides greater resistance to water by offering high levels of corrosion protection.

Even in the harshest steel mill environment, Anvol SWX provides safety, protection and reliability. This has the added value of reducing failures and minimising unscheduled downtime.

Anvol SWX is used in areas of the manufacturing industry where there is a high risk of fire such as hot strip mills, coil handling facilities, pipe mills and continuous casters. The risk is minimised by the high fire point and the low heat of combustion of Anvol SWX.

All Anvol SWX grades are fully compatible with nitrile (NBR), hydrogenated NBR and fluorocarbon rubbers (FKM). The Seal Compatibility Index is comparable to mineral oils.

Anvol SWX grades meet the requirements of Factory Mutual Category 1


Castrol Anvol SWX 46 Lubricant Advantages:

  • High fire point provides superior fire resistance characteristics which creates a safer working environment and greater equipment protection.
  • Anvol SWX is shear stable and fire resistant properties are maintained during use.
  • Advanced corrosion inhibition protects ferrous components from residual water and leads to extended equipment life and reduced downtime.
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation reduces sludges, and varnish and prevents valve sticking. This ensures longer system life and longer drain periods.
  • Good antiwear performance gives excellent wear protection and reduces downtime from unscheduled maintenance.

Unlike some HFDU products Anvol SWX does not use polymeric materials in order to pass spray ignition type tests.
These polymeric materials can rapidly shear in service and this leads to a loss of the claimed spray test performance and also to a significant reduction in viscosity. The selection of Anvol SWX for use in a hazardous environment should be based on its high fire point and lower calorific output (based on Factory Mutual Group 1 classification). A risk assessment should always be carried out whenever there is a need to select any type of fire resistant hydraulic fluid, based on factors such as the potential sources of ignition, fire prevention measures in place and potential consequences of a fire


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Castrol Anvol SWX 46 Hydraulic Lubricant Oil

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