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Castrol Optigear 1100/220


Castrol Optigear 1100/220 High Performance Gear Oils


Castrol Optigear 1100 Range (previously called Tribol 1100 Range) of high-performance extreme pressure gear oils, developed to tackle wear-related problems in heavily loaded industrial gears and bearings.

Developed for service in enclosed gear drives, and sliding and rolling bearings, the Optigear 1100 gear oils are typically used where heavy and shock load conditions prevail.

Castrol Optigear 1100/200 is formulated with Tribol Gear Oil Additive (TGOA) Plastic Deformation (PD) additive. TGOA PD helps improve performance when operating temperature and loads reach a certain level of activation energy, by enabling the microsmoothing of surface roughness without increasing wear.

The smoothed surface delivers optimum wear protection and an extremely low coefficient of friction, especially in applications which experience extreme pressure, shock loads, vibrations or low speeds. TGOA PD helps to protect against scuffing and shock loading, while maintaining a high load carrying capacity, and can help prevent the progression of micro-pitting in pre-damaged gears.

Specific grades within the Optigear 1100 range meet the requirements of DIN 51517 part 3 CLP and the requirements of a wide range of industrial bodies and equipment manufacturers.


Optigear 1100 oils are particularly valuable in the running-in phase as well as in applications where surfaces have already been damaged in the micro-range.

Typical applications are spur, helical, herringbone, bevel and planetary gears as well as in geared couplings.

Optigear 1100 gear oils may be used in rolling and sliding bearings. Particularly suitable for Heavy duty reciprocating pumps for drilling mud or cement placement offshore and onshore drilling sites.

Castrol Optigear 1100/220 oil has good water separation properties.


Compared to conventional non-PD oils, Castrol Optigear 1100/220 can deliver the following advantages:

  • Tests have shown a reduction in the coefficient of friction of up to 60% over conventional oils without PD technology which can deliver energy savings, lower lubricant and component temperatures and improve operational efficiency
  • In laboratory tests, Castrol PD additives were shown to prevent the progression of micro-pitting in pre-damaged gears. Non-PD oils used in pre-damaged gears showed existing wear levels increased up to three times.
  • Smoothing existing gear damage reduces the cost of repairs and replacements and improves operating efficiency by increasing equipment reliability
  • Friction, heat and vibration are reduced
  • Oil with Castrol PD additives provides superior protection with wear levels of less than half those observed in tests with conventional non-PD oil³ to help extend planned gear and bearing life
  • Extended lubricant service life and relubrication intervals can help to reduce costs and waste oil disposal
  • Full load operation is achieved in a short time, virtually eliminating the running-in period

¹ln-house testing on the SRV test rig; steel ball against a steel plate.
²In-house modified FZG micro-pitting test.
³Independent MPR testing carried out by Powertrib showed weight loss was less than half that recorded through the use of
a conventional non-PD oil.

Operating temperatureMax. 88°C
Viscosity220 mm/s² at 40°C
Viscosity index95
Oil typeMineral
Product typeLubricating Oils
Applicable to these sectorsAerospace, Automotive Manufacture, Cement, Chemicals, Engineered Wood, Machinery, Metal Goods, Metals, Mining, Power Generation, Pulp & Paper, Sugar, Wind

Castrol Optigear 1100/220 gear oil is compatible with other petroleum gear oils. This means that traces of previous oil remaining in the gear case after draining will not pose any problems.
However, the beneficial effects of the TGOA PD additives are reduced when Optigear 1100 gear oils are mixed with other gear oils.
A thorough cleaning of the gearbox is highly recommended to achieve the maximum benefits.

This product was previously known as Tribol 1100 Range. The name changed in 2015.

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Castrol Optigear 1100 220 High Performance Lubricant Oil

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