Industrial Lubricants

Quaker Houghton Atlas 3375-68

Metalworking heavy drawing oil


Quaker Houghton Atlas 3375-68 is a Neat lubricant, formulated with selected raw materials and additives, which allow it to perform at extremely high levels.

This product is a Chlorine-free product and has been designed for high speed and feed cold pilgering.

The fluid has very good heat dissipation properties and can maintain the tube at a constant temperature.


Quaker Houghton Atlas 3375-68 Concentration: Use as received.

It can be used for multiple heavy forming operations, including ironing, and cold heading of stainless steel and other difficult alloys.

It can be used as an additive to give additional EP to neat oils.

Prior to making any fresh fill, we highly recommend full cleaning of all system components which will be in contact with the oil.

Advice for keeping optimal oil performance and longer oil sump life:

  • Avoid water contamination.
  • Minimize pollution with aqueous metalworking coolants or cleaners.
  • Minimize pollution with tramp-oil (hydraulic oils, slideway oils, etc…..).
  • Use proper filtration unit to remove swarf and chips.
  • Avoid overheating.

Please consult a Kernow Oils representative for any additional information


Quaker Houghton Atlas 3375-68 advantages:

  • Chlorine and derivatives free
  • Constant, homogeneous and strong lubrication between the die and the material
  • High lubrication, perfect wetting ability, very good resistance to extreme pressures
  • Easy to filter
  • The fluid is compatible with most greases used in the lubrication equipment preventing polymerisation at high temperatures

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