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BP Bartran HV 100 - Hydraulic Oil

BP Bartran HV 100 - Hydraulic Oil


Bartran HV is a range of high performance, zinc free hydraulic oils.


Bartran HV is a range of oils designed for general use in hydraulic systems including critical high pressure systems such as those used for cargo handling. For very low temperature operation and the requirements of control systems with long small bore pipe-runs, please refer to the data sheet entitled -Special Hydraulic Oil.


Main Performance Features
• Excellent filterability even in the presence of water.
• High viscosity index (VI) permits operation over a wide range of temperatures and limits peak system pressures under 'cold starting'.
• Compatible with all metals normally used in hydraulic systems - including silver.
• Good anti-wear properties give very low rates of wear in pumps and motors.
• High oxidation stability ensuring long oil life.
• Rust inhibited to provide protection in pipework and equipment internals.


Approved by, or meets the specification requirements of, major hydraulic pump, valve and motor manufacturers. A 52 cSt. grade is approved for Framo initial fill.

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BP Energol CS 100 - Circulatory-System Oil

BP Energol CS 100 - Circulatory-System Oil


A range of high quality additive free oils possessing inherently good resistance to oxidation, good demulsification properties and high viscosity index.


Energol CS oils have a variety of applications such as in circulatory systems for rolling mills and calendars
(both rolling and plain bearings), vacuum pumps and hydraulic systems, where a fluid type ISO HH is required.


Main Benefits

  • Long service life
  • Wide range of applications
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BP Energol GR-XP 100 - Industrial Extreme Pressure Gear Oil

BP Energol GR-XP 100 - Industrial Extreme Pressure Gear Oil



The BP Energol™ GR-XP gear oil range of high quality lubricants are based upon highly refined mineral oil, enhanced with sulphur/phosphorus extreme pressure additive technology providing outstanding thermal stability and high load carrying capacity.
The advanced extreme pressure additive system not only provides high load carrying capacity, but was designed to provide microscopic wear protection. Microscopic wear protection, also known as micropitting protection, is critical in preventing destructive wear at the micro level therefore extending gear life and meeting the evolving demands of smaller and higher output gear boxes.


The Energol GR-XP range is recommended for the lubrication of industrial gearboxes using forced circulation or splash and oil bath lubrication. They may be used for the lubrication of spur and helical gears and in some lightly loaded worm type gear applications.
They have very good viscosity characteristics to ensure that starting torques are not excessively high in cold operating conditions. The additives are compatible with the ferrous and non-ferrous metals used in industrial gear units.
The Energol GR-XP range is fully compatible with nitrile, silicone and fluropolymer seal materials.
Energol GR-XP is classified as follows:

  • DIN Classification is CLP
  • Energol GR-XP grades meet the requirements of:
  • DIN 51517 Part 3
  • AGMA 9005 - D94
  • US Steel 224
  • David Brown Type E
  • Hansen Transmissions
  • Flender



  • ‘Clean gear’ additive technology ensures low deposit formation and enhanced filter life.
  • Full Extreme Pressure (EP) performance* gives maximum protection of gears against wear and shock-loading.
  • Good water separation and demulsification characteristics means reduced down time through prolonged lubricant life and increased equipment reliability.
  • Excellent protection against corrosion and wear results in less maintenance.
  • Suitable for Müller Weingarten equipment
  • ISO 220 grade achieved FZG >14 rating under A16.6/90 (double speed) test conditions
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BP Energol HLP-HM 100 - High Performance Hydraulic Oil

BP Energol HLP-HM 100 - High Performance Hydraulic Oil


A range of mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids conforming to the international classification ISO Type HM and offering a wide choice of viscosities.
The properties of their solvent-refined base oils are enhanced by full additive treatment to minimize corrosion, oxidation, foaming and machinery wear.


Energol HLP -HM oils are formulated for highly stressed hydraulic systems where high levels of anti-wear performance are needed and meet filtration requirements of almost every hydraulic system (down to 6 micron filters). They are also suitable for other duties in which lubricants of high oxidation stability and lubrication performance are required, such as in lightly loaded gears, in some variable speed units and in bearings.
The HLP -HM range is fully compatible with the elastomers materials commonly used for static and dynamic seals, such as:

  • Nitryl butyl (PERBUNAN* or BUNA N*)
  • Fluorinated (VITON*/TEFLON*)
  • Perfluorinated (KABREZ*) . Polyester (HYTREL*)
  • Polyurethane (ADIPRENE*) * trade marks

The Energol HLP-HM oils meet the performance requirements of DIN 51 524 Part 2 'Hydraulic Oils Type H-LP' and of ISO 6743/4 'Hydraulic Oils Type HM' (NF E 48-603 and NF E 60-203).

They meet the specifications/requirements of many major manufacturers, namely :

  • Denison HF-0, HF-2
  • Vickers industrial machinery, meets form I-286 –S (pump 35V.Q.25)
  • Rexnord-Racine vane pumps
  • Mannesman Rexroth Hydromatik piston pumps
  • Sigma-Rexroth gear pumps
  • Cincinnati Milacron (p. 68-69-70)
  • US Steel 136


Main Benefits

  • High degree of equipment protection
  • Excellent performance in anti-wear protection, oxidation resistance and thermal stability
  • Excellent de-aeration characteristics
  • Compatibility with other mineral oils
  • Good filterability
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