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BP Energear SHX-M 75W-90 - Synthetic Gear and Axle Oil

BP Energear SHX-M 75W-90 - Synthetic Gear and Axle Oil




Energear SHX-M is a fully synthetic, multi –purpose heavy duty automotive gear lubricant for use in complete driveline applications requiring either API GL-4 or GL-5 performance.
Careful selection of special high performance additives and synthetic base fluid technology gives Energear SHX -M exceptional low temperature fluidity whilst maintaining the compatibility and 'shiftability' requirements of most European synchromesh gear boxes.
It also provides the relatively high viscosity and load carrying characteristics necessary for heavy duty drive axles and transfercases.
It is fully compatible with conventional mineral oil based products, but its superior oxidative/thermal stability gives the potential for extended drain.
As an SAE 75W-90 grade, its low temperature flow properties deliver fuel economy benefits while its viscosity/temperature characteristics are suitable for year round use.
Energear SHX-M is recommended for service fill and top-up of commercial vehicle, construction equipment and passenger car manual transmissions, transfer cases and drive axles in DAF, Scania, Volvo, Eaton, Iveco and RVI equipment.


Main Benefits

• Improved fuel economy compared with conventional SAE 90 gear oils.
• Complete driveline lubrication enabling reduced product inventories.
• Easier operation of the transmissions provided by excellent low temperature fluidity giving improved gear changing from cold (compared to conventional SAE 80W & 90 grades.)
• Excellent wear protection even in the most severe applications allowing for prolonged component life and extended drain capability.
• Complete compatibility with conventional mineral oil based gear lubricants and with seals / materials used in automotive applications allows this to be used in a large number of applications.



• GL-1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and MT-1
• MAN 3343 SL
• Scania STO:1
• ZF TE-ML 02B,05B,07A,12B,16F,17B
• MIL -PRF-2105E (SAE J2360)
• Eaton 300,000 km Drain

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