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Castrol Fork Oil 15W - Suspension Fluid - 1788

Castrol Fork Oil 15W - Suspension Fluid - 1788


Castrol Fork Oil 15W is an advanced mineral based suspension fluid designed to provide the optimum damping performance in all on and off road suspensions. Its highly refined basestock and naturally high viscosity index will provide superior anti-fade damping performance over a wide temperature range.



Castrol Fork Oil allows air release and anti-fade performance under the most arduous conditions such as found in racing. At low and high speeds there is a minimum suspension unit "stiction" with good operation of suspension units under a wide range of operating conditions. Castrol Fork Oil is suitable for suspension damper units for on and off road motorcycles. Castrol's mineral Fork Oil range represents a new standard in mineral suspension fluid technology and can be used in all competition and onroad units. By intermixing the grades the optimum suspension fluid can be designed to suit all types of service and load to maximise suspension performance.



Castrol Fork Oils are blended with the latest technology performance additives and highly refined base oils to provide:-

  • good damping performance over high and low temperatures
  • fast air release for anti-fade performance
  • wear protection of suspension components
  • minimised stiction for smooth damping operation
  • protection against corrosion of all the internal parts


Pack sizes available - 12x500ml

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