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Castrol Act>Evo GP 4T 20W-50 - 4 Stroke Engine Oil - 1563

Castrol Act>Evo GP 4T 20W-50 - 4 Stroke Engine Oil - 1563



Castrol Act>evo GP 4T is modern, high quality 4-stroke engine oil designed with a special Wear Protection Formula to give both reliable engine starting and continuous trouble free running throughout the oil drain period.
Castrol Act>evo GP’s Wear Protection Formula, combined with Trizone Technology™ helps to continually maintain the protecting and lubricating properties of the oil by reducing wear, controlling excessive oil thickening, and keeping critical components clean. This helps to maintain the health of your engine, leading to reliable starting and trouble free running.
Castrol Act>evo GP 4T is suitable for all modern motorcycle engines where API and or JASO specifications are recommended.



  • Special Wear Protection additives for continuous “start and go” protection.
  • Outstanding oxidation and wear control throughout the drain period.
  • Trizone Technology™ for protection of the engine, clutch and gears.
  • Complies with requirements of catalyst equipped engines.


Specifications / Performance

  • SAE 20W50
  • API SG
  • JASO MA-2
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