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Castrol Tection T 15W-40 - 2015

Castrol Tection T 15W-40 - 2015


Castrol Tection T 15W-40 is a premium mixed fleet engine oil recommended for use in American, European and Japanese engines with diesel and gasoline fuels.



Castrol Tection T 15W-40 was primarily designed to protect all engines operating in the tough off-highway environment. Its excellent soot-handling properties prevent premature wear and allow extended oil drain intervals.



Castrol Tection T has been designed using advanced technology additives and specially selected fluids to provide real user benefits such as :-

  • Excellent soot-handling properties prevent premature engine wear & allow maximum engine life.
  • Optimum wear and bore polish control.
  • Extended drain intervals provide lower operational & servicing costs.
  • Engine deposits are controlled by proven Castrol technology.
  • Suitable for all engines in the tough off-road environment.
  • European & U.S. OEM's approvals demonstrate product versatility.
  • May be used in some Allison transmissions.


Product performance claims:

Mercedes Benz 228.3
MAN M3275
Volvo VDS-2
N.B. Not for use in Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engines
Cummins CES 20071, 72, 76, 77
MTU Type 2
Mack EO-M
Meets DAF requirements


Pack sizes available - 20ltr, 208ltr, 1000ltr IBC, Bulk delivery

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Castrol Enduron 10W-40 - 2017

Castrol Enduron 10W-40 - 2017


Maximum oil drain & protection for diesel engines

Castrol Enduron is a 10W-40 heavy duty diesel engine oil designed to allow fleet operators to run their vehicles to maximum oil drain intervals.



Its primary application is for the latest Euro 4*, Euro 3 and Euro 2 European trucks and buses. It can also be used in offroad vehicles and equipment that require this performance level.
*Not for use in Euro 4 vehicles requiring low SAPS lubricants. For this application we recommend Castrol Enduron Low SAPS.



Castrol Enduron 10W-40 uses advanced technology to provide excellent engine protection when used at maximum oil drain intervals, even under severe operating conditions. User benefits include:

  • Maximum oil drain intervals to keep vehicles on the road for longer. The extra-strong additive system in Castrol Enduron 10W-40 keeps on working even in the toughest conditions. OEMs have approved Castrol Enduron 10W-40 for use at their maximum oil drain intervals.
  • Engine protection, even when soot and other contaminants are present. Castrol Enduron 10W-40 protects against all types of engine wear, deposit build-up and bore-polishing. Its advanced formulation continues to protect even under the most severe conditions so extending engine life and preventing unscheduled downtime.


Product Performance Claims:
ACEA E4, E5, E7
MAN M 3277
MB-Approval 228.5
Volvo VDS-3
Meets DAF extended drain requirements


Pack sizes available - 20ltr, 208ltr drums, Bulk delivery

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Transmission Oils

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Castrol Transmax Dex III Multivehicle - Automatic Transmission Fluid - 1713

Castrol Transmax Dex III Multivehicle - Automatic Transmission Fluid - 1713


Automatic Transmission Fluid



Castrol Transmax Dex III Multivehicle is designed for use in GM automatic transmissions pre 2005 and Ford automatic transmissions built between 1983 and 1996 where Dexron® (II or III) or Mercon are required. This product is approved for use in Allison heavy duty transmissions against TES 389. It is also approved for use in a wide range of european heavy duty automatic transmissions. It may be used in some power steering units. NB: Do not use where MERCON® V, MERCON® SP or DEXRON® VI is required.



  • Multiple manufacturer approvals make it suitable for wide ranging use.
  • It is specifically formulated for high thermal stability and resistance to oxidation which protects against the formation of deposits and oil thickening prolonging the life of components and lubricant.
  • Optimised friction characteristics provide smooth shifting and efficient power transfer.
  • High viscosity index provides a stable viscosity over a wide temperature range for effective protection of transmissions and operation of power steering units


Product Performance Claims

  • Allison C4
  • Allison TES 389
  • Ford Mercon
  • GM Dexron IIIH
  • MAN 339 Z1, V1
  • MB-Approval 236.9
  • Voith H55.6335.xx
  • Volvo 97340
  • Volvo 97341
  • ZF TE-ML 04D, 14A, 17C
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Castrol TranSynd - Fully Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid - 1714

Castrol TranSynd - Fully Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid - 1714


Castrol TranSynd can be recommended for all vehicles calling for Dexron III/Mercon or Allison C4 ATF's including bus and refuse vehicles with automatic transmissions.


Features / Benefits

  • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability means that the viscosity remains almost constant helping prevent deposits and oil thickening - this extends transmission life and avoids incorrect gear changing.
  • Excellent transmission cleanliness under all conditions permits extended oil drain and decreased servicing.
  • Excellent temperature reduction through reduced friction leads to longer oil and component life and permits extended drain and decreased servicing. Lower power input means fuel savings potential and reduced emissions.
  • Optimised frictional characteristics gives smoother gear changing at all ambient temperatures and load conditions. Constant frictional properties improve driving comfort.
  • Outstanding cold flow properties enables faster oil flow to all critical components (eg torque converter, friction plates, planetary wheels and brake bands) particularly during cold starts. More responsive and comfortable gear change.
  • Minimises 'shift stock' when changing gear.
  • Excellent shear stability properties helps retain full transmission performance over whole oil drain period.
  • Optimal lubrication ensures constant level of comfort during gear changing.
  • Good extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear performance gives better transmission component protection leading to longer life.
  • Very good seal performance helps avoid oil leakages, reducing repair costs.
  • Free from chlorine and heavy metals for better environmental compatibility - easier waste oil disposal and recyclability.


Specifications / Performance

  • ZF TE ML-14 (extended drain, 120,000 km)
  • Allison C4 (C4-27403598 )
  • Allison TES 295
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Castrol Hyspin HVI 15 - High viscosity index anti-wear hydraulic oils - 6035

Castrol Hyspin HVI 15 - High viscosity index anti-wear hydraulic oils - 6035


The Castrol Hyspin™ HVI range of high viscosity index (VI) oils is based on a carefully selected ashless (zinc free) additive system designed to meet and exceed the most exacting performance standards.


Hyspin HVI oils are intended for severely stressed hydraulic systems requiring a high level of anti-wear performance and fine filtration. In addition, Hyspin HVI exhibits excellent corrosion protection as well as outstanding thermal and oxidative stability. Hyspin HVI has excellent hydrolytic stability and separates rapidly from water contamination. Hyspin HVI contains a shear stable additive system helps maintain the viscosity characteristics of the product over a wide temperature range even during prolonged use and imparts a very low pour point which enables the product to be used in very cold environments. Applications include outdoor equipment which are likely to operate in wide temperature ranges, such as machinery subjected to cold start up conditions and high temperature continuous running. Examples include off-highway and marine applications. Indoor manufacturing equipment that incorporates control systems requiring minimal viscosity change with temperature. Examples include precision machine tools. The Hyspin HVI range is fully compatible with elastomer materials commonly used for static and dynamic seals, such as nitrile, silicone and fluorinated (e.g. Viton) polymers.

Hyspin HVI is classified as follows:
DIN 51502 classification – HVLP
ISO 6743/4 - Hydraulic Oils Type HV

Hyspin HVI grades meet the requirements (for appropriate viscosity grade) of:
DIN 51524 Part 3
Cincinnati Lamb (Milacron) P 68-69-70
Denison (Parker Hannafin) HF-0
US Steel 126 & 127
Eaton (formerly Vickers) I-286-S & M-2950-S
Frank Mohn
Bosch Rexroth RE07075/RE90220


  • High viscosity index and low pour point enables the product to be used over a wide temperature range, with good shear stability which means no excessive loss in viscosity due to mechanical shearing.
  • Excellent anti-wear performance provides extended wear protection for hydraulic pumps. Reduced down time due to unscheduled maintenance and savings from replacement part costs.
  • Excellent water separation and hydrolytic stability means reduced down time through prolonged lubricant life and increased equipment reliability.
  • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability provides reliable performance and extended oil life in severe applications. Minimal deposit formation gives a cleaner system and reduced frequency of filter changes.
  • Excellent filterability characteristics (including in the presence of water) enables cost savings to be made due to increased filter life.


ISO Viscosity and pack sizes available:
HYSPIN HVI 15 - 20L & 208L
HYSPIN HVI 22 - 20L & 208L
HYSPIN HVI 32 - 20L & 208L
HYSPIN HVI 46 - 20L & 208L
HYSPIN HVI 68 - 20L & 208L
HYSPIN HVI 100 - 20L

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Castrol LHM + Citroen Hydraulic Fluid - 1755

LHM Citroen Hydraulic Fluid

Castrol LHM is specifically designed for use in powered hydraulic systems, which generally incorporate a pump that drives such components as brake actuation, suspension levelling and power steering.

Castrol LHM is a mineral based fluid specially for Citroen hydraulic systems with green reservoirs.

• High viscosity index - Product viscosity changes less with temperature changes than standard products
• Very shear stable - Product viscosity maintained throughout oil life
• Fully compatible with elastomers used in existing automotive powered hydraulic systems - No need to change seals.

Citroen B71 2710

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