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Houghton Rust-Veto 33X - General purpose dewatering agent and thin film rust pre

Houghton Rust-Veto 33X - General purpose dewatering agent and thin film rust preventive - 66125


Rust-Veto 33X is a general purpose solvent-based rust preventive with excellent dewatering characteristics. On evaporation of the solvent it deposits a thin, oily film which gives short to medium term protection to ferrous and nonferrous metals.



Rust-Veto 33X is designed as a general purpose dewatering agent and thin film rust preventive which will provide up to nine months' protection during indoor storage. Rust-Veto 33X has excellent resistance to emulsification and is therefore particularly suitable for dewatering components after machining or grinding in alkaline coolants or soluble oils.

Typical applications include:

  • Inter-operational protection of finely machined or ground metal surfaces such as valves, rollers and fasteners.
  • Protection of finished machined components prior to packaging.
  • Short to medium term protection of finished parts during indoor storage or shipment.



  • Higher flash point – not white spirit based
  • Excellent dewatering characteristics
  • Effective water separation with high resistance to emulsification
  • Thin, oily film
  • Readily applied
  • Easily removed by solvents or alkaline cleaners


Pack sizes available - 25ltr, 205ltr drums

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Houghton Rust-Veto 14 - Hard, dry film, rust preventive - 66200

Houghton Rust-Veto 14 - Hard, dry film, rust preventive - 66200


Rust-Veto 14 is a solvent based rust preventive, which deposits a hard, dry film giving excellent corrosion protection to ferrous and non-ferrous metals.



Rust-Veto 14 is for applications requiring a dry film free from tackiness. It will provide over 18 months' protection during indoor storage and will also give up to 9 months' protection in outdoor conditions, assuming primary protection from the elements by tarpaulin or other cover. For even greater protection, components and machines can be wrapped after treatment. The residual film provided by Rust-Veto 14 enables visual coding of treated parts.



  • Higher flash point – not white spirit based
  • Hard, dry film free from tackiness
  • Will not crack or flake
  • Will not rub off on cartons or packages
  • Over 18 months' protection during indoor storage
  • Up to 9 months in covered outdoor storage
  • Transparent film enables visual coding
  • Readily applied
  • Easily removed by solvents or alkaline cleaners


Pack sizes available - 205ltr

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Houghton Ensis Engine Oil 30W - Compatible rust preventive engine oil - 30266

Houghton Ensis Engine Oil 30W - Compatible rust preventive engine oil - 30266


Ensis Engine Oil 30 is oil specially formulated to provide long-term internal protection of gasoline and diesel engines.



  • Provides internal protection of I.C and C.I engines, gearboxes and trans-missions during shipment, storage or laying up.
  • The protective oil forms an enduring film that will remain on the internal surfaces of the treated equipment to provide excellent protection against corrosion for a considerable period.
  • May also be used as a temporary service lubricant before laying up and recommissioning. Ensis Engine oils may be used as the service lubricant until the first oil change in many types of engine.
  • Ensis Engine oils are applied by using the correct viscosity grade in place of the normal service lubricant for a short period before shut down.

Ensis Engine Oil 30 is used neat as supplied.



  • Good compatibility: Compatible with high performance mineral oil service lubricants to avoid the necessity for costly flushing.
  • Excellent rust prevention: Contain additives to neutralize the acidic products of combustion.
  • Safer handling: High flash points and low volatility - to minimize the fire risk in application and storage.
  • Conforms to requirements as specified in BS 1133, TP6.
  • Ensis Engine oils are compatible with all normal mineral oil seal materials.


Pack sizes available - 209ltr drums

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Houghton Ensis DWO 2400 - Very long term dewatering rust preventive - gf/12347

Houghton Ensis DWO 2400 - Very long term dewatering rust preventive - gf/12347


ENSIS DWO 2400 is a blend of very light mineral oil, and carefully selected performance additives which provide up to 24 months indoor protection and several months outdoor protection.

ENSIS DWO 2400 is a premium quality dewatering rust preventive and exhibits an oily film, which is self-healing, resists peeling and cracking, neutralizes fingerprints and is easily removed if required. 

ENSIS DWO 2400 is effective on ferrous and non-ferrous metal. It contains a selection of low odour performance additives for workers comfort, and is barium free.

ENSIS DWO 2400 is vac Free meeting requirements of the European Regulation.



ENSIS DWO 2400 provides extra long term protection and final protection, on:

  • (Semi)-finished automotive and machinery components like valves, gears, camshaft, box, bearing, chains, motor, fasteners, braking system, precision components with highly finished surfaces...
  • Materials and equipment during shipment overseas when properly packed.
  • Materials and equipment which are subjected to hostile conditions eg. Coastal and Marine environments.
  • Drill pipe and casing in outdoor coastal locations.
  • Steel structures during operation or storage periods. Particularly resisting to carry-over of alkaline grinding coolants, soluble oil emulsions and acidic rinse water atmosphere.



  • Economic - Rapid and clear separation of displaced water, increase bath lifetime, reduce sump clean up frequency.
  • Economic - Outstanding dewatering properties, increase production speed.
  • Operator friendly - Dearomatised solvent, no heavy metal such as barium.
  • Operator friendly - Low odour, more pleasant to work with.
  • Environmentally friendly - VOC Free technology, conforms to European regulation, avoid CAPEX investment in solvent vapour collection and treatment.
  • Quality - Neutralizing fingerprints in case of accidental bare handling.
  • Quality - Excellent rust prevention even under severe condition.
  • Quality - High performing chemistry which keep your added value safe and reduce re-work risk.


Pack sizes available - 209ltr barrels, 20ltr drums

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Water Soluble

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Houghton Rust-Veto 303 - Aqueous rust preventative - 68303

Houghton Rust-Veto 303 - Advanced aqueous rust preventative concentrate- 68303


Rust-Veto 303 is an advanced aqueous rust preventive designed to provide inter-operational/ short-term corrosion protection for ferrous materials. It contains a high visibility dye to facilitate identification during leak and crack detection applications.



Rust-Veto 303 is generally used at a concentration between 1.5% and 10% for a variety of applications including:
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing of pumps, manifolds, radiators and pressure vessels
  • Leak and crack detection for castings and general assemblies
  • Inter-operational and general purpose short-term (up to 3 months) indoor rust prevention.

Rust-Veto 303 is compatible with copper based alloys and has a minimal effect on aluminium alloys.



  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Low foaming
  • Good stability in hard water
  • High visibility of leaks
  • Freedom from crystalline residues
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Houghton Rust-Veto 310 - Dilutable rust preventative - 68310

Houghton Rust-Veto 310 - Multi-purpose water-dilutable rust preventative concentrate - 68310


Rust-Veto 310 is a multi-purpose rust preventive used either neat or mixed with water to provide a wide range of rust preventive requirements. Rust-Veto 310 contains rust inhibiting additives and emulsifiers which when mixed with water provides a versatile non-flammable emulsion. Rust-Veto 310 emulsions eliminate fire hazards and improve plant safety and environmental conditions by replacing solvent based rust preventives in many applications.



Rust-Veto 310 is generally mixed with water at concentrations ranging from 5% to 25% depending upon the specific application. The thin oily film provided by Rust-Veto 310 emulsions provides excellent corrosion protection during indoor storage but can also be used neat to give extended corrosion protection. Applications include dewatering, inter-operational protection and final protection of finished parts during indoor storage, packing and shipment.

15% to 25% emulsions provide an alternative to conventional solvent or mineral oil based products.

10% to 15% emulsions can be used for the protection of steel strip after pickling or as a final pass for rolling sheet steel.

5% to 10% emulsions are suitable for use as the final rinse stage in chemical treatment or cleaning operations to provide short-term protection.



  • Free from VOC’S
  • Non-flammable emulsions eliminate fire hazards
  • Solvent free replacement improves plant safety.
  • Economical in use 
  • Extremely versatile in application
  • Short-term inter-operational protection up to long-term indoor protection 
  • Resistant to microbial attack
  • Possesses water displacing characteristics
  • Thin oily film
  • Readily applied
  • Easily removed by solvents or alkaline cleaners
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