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Total Rubia G 1700 20W-40 - EMD and GE Engine Lubricant - 189495

Total Rubia G 1700 20W-40 - Electro Motive Diesel and General Electric Engine Lubricant - 189495


Zinc and Chlorine free lubricant for Electro Motive Diesel and General Electric engines.



  • Total Rubia G 1700 20W-40 is suitable for EMD and GE Diesel engines fitted on railroad locomotives and on industrial applications (Power generation, off-shore well drilling rigs, marine propulsion, ...)
  • Total Rubia G 1700 20W-40 is a Zinc free lubricant for Silver bearings engines and Chlorine free for meeting the Pollution Standards about the incineration and/or the recycling of the used oils, together with a better human health protection.




  • API : CD/CF
  • LMOA : Generation 4 and Generation 5

Meets the manufacturers requirements:

  • Electro-Motive Diesel : Referenced (WOSFT)
  • General Electric : “Fundamental Approval” (Generation 4 Long Life)



  • Anticorrosive and antirust properties.
  • Highly effective detergent-dispersant additive systems.
  • Very good oxidation resistance enabling the protection of the engines when running idle or under rough operating conditions (hot climate, mountain areas, heavy duties, ...).
  • Very good TBN retention in operation even with high Sulfur fuel (< 1.0 %).
  • Thanks to the Chlorine absence, enables the classical used oil incineration or recycling and reduces the non-compatibility problems with worker skin when handling.
  • Facilitates the start operations and provides substantial fuel economy, compared to the same lubricant in the single grade SAE 40.


Pack sizes available - 20ltr, Bulk delivery

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