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Transmission & Gear

Total Multagri Super 10W-30 - High performance multigrade oil (Agriculture) - 11

Total Multagri Super 10W-30 - High performance multigrade oil (Agriculture) - 111811


High performance multigrade oil designed for year-round multipurpose lubrication of the different systems in agricultural tractors and harvesters.



  • Supercharged or atmospheric diesels, petrol service motors.
  • Conventional mechanical transmissions for which an oil type API GL4 / MIL.L.2105 SAE 80W is recommended.
  • Mechanical transmission systems with oil bath brakes.
  • Gearboxes, reduction drives, bevel gears, etc.
  • Hydraulic lift and power assistance circuits.
  • Power take-offs and multidisc clutches operating in oil.
  • Hydrostatic steering systems.



Specifications - ACEA E1

Manufacturers Approvals: MASSEY-FERGUSON - CMS M 1145 / 1144, ZF : TE-ML 06B / 07B

Meets Manufacturers Specifications:

   - Multipurpose applications:

  • FORD M2C 159B1

   - Engine applications:

  • ACEA E1

   - Tractor transmission applications:

  • CASE 1206, 1207
  • FORD M2C86A, M2C134D, FNHA 2 C 201.00

   - Mechanical transmission applications:

  • API GL4

   - Automatic transmission applications:




  • Can reduce the number of lubricants needed on a farm.
  • High viscosity when hot, ensuring continuous lubrication of the engine, gears and hydraulic components.
  • Low viscosity when cold, for appropriate engine operation in the Nordic regions and easy starting, as well as quick reacting hydraulics.
  • Outstanding wear control, ensuring long life for the engine, transmission systems and hydraulic circuit components.
  • Extreme-pressure capability for lubricating transmission systems that require the use of an oil type API GL4 or MIL.L.2105 of viscosity SAE 80W.
  • Anticorrosion properties to protect the non-ferrous metals in the engine and other systems.
  • Excellent anti-foaming qualities, to prevent any sump overflow as well as pump depriming or cavitation.
  • Completely inert to seals.
  • High resistance to oxidation, preventing the formation of deposits and glaze on parts operating at high temperature.
  • Special frictional characteristics, ensuring progressive, efficient and silent operation of braking and clutch systems.


Pack sizes available - 3x5L, 20L, 208L drums, bulk delivery

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Total Dynatrans MPV - Lubricant - 154240

Total Dynatrans MPV - Lubricant - 154240


Lubricant for wet disk brake transmissions and hydraulic systems for agricultural tractors and public works or handling equipment.



  • Lubrication of transmissions requiring a GL-4, 10W-30 or 80W level product.
  • Lubrication of automatic transmissions, torque converters and hydrostatic transmissions.
  • Used in hydraulic systems and power-assisted steering.
  • Lubrication of power takeoffs with wet clutches.
  • Cooling of oil bath disk brakes.



Classifications - API : GL-4

Manufacturers Approvals - MASSEY FERGUSON : CMS M 1145 / 1143, VOLVO CE : WB 101, ZF : TE-ML 03E / 05F / 06K / 17E

Meets Manufacturers Specifications - MASSEY FERGUSON : CMS M 1141 / 1135, JOHN DEERE : JDM J 20C, CNH : MAT 3505 / 3525 / 3526, CASE : MS 1206 / 1207 / 1209, NEW HOLLAND : NH 410B / NH 410C, FORD : M2C 134D / FHNA 2C 201.00, KUBOTA : UDT, Mc CORMICK : HTX, AGCO/Allis : 821 XL, CLAAS / RENAULT AGRICULTURE

Suitable for transmission systems of: Tractors - DEUTZ, FENDT, VALTRA, LANDINI, SAME… and machines - CATERPILLAR, JCB, KOMATSU…when an UTTO fluid is required.



  • Suitable for a wide range of agricultural and Public Works equipment thus allowing the stock of lubricants to be reduced.
  • Excellent low temperature performance (protects friction brakes against sticking) and high temperature performance (protects against judder or slip).
  • Very good extreme pressure and antiwear properties giving optimum protection of gears and hydraulic components.


Pack sizes available - 20L, 208L drums, 1000L IBC, bulk delivery

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Total Dynatrans CVT 10w30 - Agriculture - 156313

Total Dynatrans CVT 10w30 - Agriculture - 156313


Specific lubricant for CVT transmissions equipping agricultural tractors.



  • Lubrication of "Continuously Variable Transmissions" installed on agricultural tractors and some worksite equipment.
  • Can be used in traditional transmissions.
  • Also suitable for all gearboxes and power takeoffs.
  • Can be used in wet clutch transmissions including those equipped with oil bath disk brakes.
  • Used in hydraulic systems and hydrostatic steering.



Classifications - API : GL-4

Manufacturers Approvals - ZF : TE-ML 06F, MASSEY FERGUSON : CMS M 1145

Meets Manufacturers Specifications - CASE : CVX, MASSEY FERGUSON : Dyna VT, STEYR : CVT

Suitable for CVT transmission systems - DEUTZ TTV, JCB, JOHN DEERE Autopowr, NEW HOLLAND TVT…




  • Multiple applications thus allowing transmission lubricants to be rationalised.
  • Performance specifications adapted to CVT systems and guarantee smooth and progressive transmission operation.
  • Very high antiwear performance for long transmission component life.


Pack sizes available - 20L

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