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Total Dynatrans LS 20w40 - Lubricant - 154940

Total Dynatrans LS 20w40 - Lubricant - 154940


Lubricant for axles equipped with limited slip differentials or wet disk brake systems for Public Works and handling equipment.



  • Lubrication of axles subject to high temperature constraints generated by the simultaneous installation and operation of limited slip differentials and wet disk brake systems in the same oil bath.
  • Can be used in the transmission and in hydraulic systems subject to high temperatures.



Classifications - API : GL-4

Manufacturers Approvals - ZF : TE-ML 05F / 06K / 17E

Meets Manufacturers requirements - CASE : MS 1317, HANOMAG, HITACHI, KOMATSU…



  • Guarantees the high cleanliness of the limited slip disks installed in the axle
  • Reduces noise under intensive use
  • Provides optimum protection for gears and friction components
  • Excellent performance with respect to seals
  • Foam free


Pack sizes available - 20L, 208L drums

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