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Transmission & Gear

Total Dynatrans FR 80w-85 - Lubricant - 154212

Total Dynatrans FR 80w-85 - Lubricant - 154212


Lubricant for transmissions equipped with wet disk brakes and hydraulic systems for public works and handling equipment.



  • Lubrication of mechanical transmissions requiring a level GL4 product with SAE 80W viscosity.
  • Lubrication of hydraulic lift, servo, transmission and steering systems.
  • Lubrication of power takeoffs.
  • Lubrication of driving axles equipped with wet brakes.



Classifications - API : GL-4

Meets manufacturers specifications - RENAULT AGRICULTURE : 180596-88.3, MASSEY FERGUSON : CMS M 1141 / 1135, NEW HOLLAND : NH 420 A, FORD : M2C 86B / 86C.

Suitable for transmission systems - Some devices by FIAT, JCB, KOMATSU, MANITOU …



  • Suitable for a wide range of agricultural machinery and public works equipment. Simplifies maintenance management.
  • Used in heavy work conditions or in the case of vibration phenomena during braking.


Pack sizes available - 20L, 208L drums

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