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Total Biotrans LS FE 75w-90 - Synthetic biodegradable axle lubricant - 174389

Total Biotrans LS FE 75w-90 - Synthetic biodegradable axle lubricant - 174389


Very high performance synthetic biodegradable lubricant, coming from renewable raw material, dedicated to final reductions and disc limited slip differential axles.



  • Lubrication of axles equipped with disc limited slip differential systems of Public-Works or Agricultural machinery.
  • Can also be used in classical hypoïd axles, non-equipped with self-locking differential systems.
  • More generally, BIOTRANS LS FE 75W-90 is used in all loaded gear cases (reduction or translation), requesting the use of a reinforced Extreme-Pressure API GL-5 lubricant.
  • Is formulated with renewable modified base oils, conforming to the environnemental criterias of main current labels.
  • Can also lubrify the self-locking differential systems of certain Passenger Cars.



  • Meets the European Community definition of “Biolubricant”
  • Conform to the International Classifications : API GL-5 and MIL.L 2105D
  • Adapted to the lubrication of axles of the following Earth Moving machinery:
  • And also to 4 Wheel-Drive Agricultural tractor Front axles of :
                   CLAAS-RENAULT, STEYR, DEUTZ, SAME, VALTRA, etc…



  • Smooth clutching without chocks nor excessive slippage of self-locking friction discs.
  • Thanks to its Extreme-Pressure additives, provides a maximum protection of very loaded gears working with shocks.
  • Good compatibility with transmission organ seals.
  • Specially recommended in case of possible contamination of cultivated land, water, forests and sensitive environments which must be preserved.
  • Its rheological and friction characteristics generate a reduction of the mechanical energy losses in the lubricated organ and then a fuel consumption reduction...


Pack sizes available - 20ltr

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