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Total Fluide LDS - Synthetic hydraulic fluid - 166224

Total Fluide LDS - Synthetic hydraulic fluid - 166224



Synthetic fluid of orange colour for the hydraulic system of Citroën cars equipped with "HYDRActive 3". Do not use when a mineral fluid of fluo green colour is requested (LHM Plus).



  • Super multigrade fluid.
  • Exceptionally high viscosity index.
  • Very low pour point.
  • Very high thermal stability.
  • Very good protection against wear and corrosion.
  • Excellent lubricating properties.
  • Contributes to improve comfort.



  • PSA S71 2710


Pack sizes available - 18x1L

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Castrol Radicool SF - Antifreeze Coolant - 1715

Castrol Radicool SF - Antifreeze Coolant - 1715


Castrol Radicool SF is a long-life coolant based on monoethyleneglycol with advanced organic acid inhibitor technolgy. In contrast to traditional antifreeze coolants, Castrol Radicool SF does not contain amines, nitrites, phosphates, silicates or other inorganic inhibitors. Castrol Radicool SF provides excellent corrosion protection particularly to those engines employing light metals. It is suitable for a wide range of vehicles including cars, trucks and buses using both petrol and diesel engines. It is therefore particularly suitable for use in mixed fleets. Castrol Radicool SF works over a wide operating temperature range for effective engine cooling in all climates.



The special inhibitor package used in Castrol Radicool SF enables longer drain intervals with excellent protection against corrosion, cooling system blockage, overheating and freezing. It is especially suitable for use in engines employing cast iron, aluminium , copper or combinations of these metals used in modern engine designs. It is also compatible with all standard rubber hoses, gaskets and seals used within the cooling system. Castrol Radicool SF possesses a longer operational life by allowing extended drain intervals of 3 years plus. Longer drain intervals mean reduced cost and less possibility of harm to the environment. Castrol Radicool SF provides excellent protection against cavitation corrosion and effective water pump lubrication , reducing wear and noise. The additive technology used in Castrol Radicool SF prevents the build up of calcium deposits (scale) from use of hard water, thereby reducing the possibility of the radiator blocking and restricted flow of coolant. This technology also improves the fluids heat transfer properties ensuring engines run at optimum temperatures.
Castrol Radicool SF is approved by a number of OEM's including Merceded Benz, Volkswagon, MAN and Ford. It is also recommended against the following vehicle manufacturer's specifications; General Motors GM 6277M, Deutz , Cummins IS series and N14 engines, Jenbacher, Komatsu, Renault Type D, Jaguar CMR 8229 and MTU MTL 5048 Series 2000C&I. Castrol Radicool SF contains a bittering agent to deter from accidental ingestion


Pack sizes available - 12x1ltr, 20ltr

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Castrol React SRF Racing - Racing Brake Fluid - 1712

Castrol React SRF Racing - Racing Brake Fluid - 1712


Racing Brake Fluid



Castrol React SRF Racing is a high performance brake fluid of special value in competitive motor sport where extreme braking conditions are encountered. It is an exclusive Castrol product registered under patents in many countries. Castrol React SRF Racing exceeds US Federal Standards FMVSS 116 DOT 3 and DOT 4, ISO 4925, JIS K2233 and current SAE J 1703 specifications.



Castrol React SRF Racing has an exceptionally high dry boiling point ( typically 320°C ) making it ideal for use under arduous braking conditions such as racing or rallying.
Castrol React SRF Racing has a very high vapour lock point (the more important measure of high temperature performance under actual braking conditions), and has the additional advantage of sustaining high vapour lock point characteristics during its service life.
In order to achieve the optimum benefits in such applications, advanced materials have been employed in a unique and patented Castrol formulation. The properties of this formulation are such that in order to derive maximum benefit the use of Castrol React SRF Racing should be restricted to not more than eighteen months before draining and refilling.
Castrol React SRF Racing is suitable for all disc and drum brake systems with the exception of those for which mineral oil is prescribed. It is miscible with all conventional fluids meeting US Federal Standards FMVSS 116 DOT 3 and DOT 4, ISO 4925 and current SAE J 1703 and J1704. However, mixing with conventional brake fluids will merely reduce the higher quality of Castrol React SRF Racing and therefore recommended that conventional brake fluids be drained from the system before flushing and re refilling.
It is recommended that this fluid is changed every 18 months to maintain it's exceptionally high vapour lock performance

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Total Planetelf PAG 244 - Synthetic PAG type lubricant - 129141

Total Planetelf PAG 244 - Synthetic PAG type lubricant - 129141


Synthetic PAG type lubricant for car air conditioning.



  • Polyalkylene glycol lubricant, PAG, specially formulated for car air conditionning compressors using R134a as refrigerant.
  • Planetelf PAG 244 is a low viscosity PAG oil for variable displacement compressors, where SANDEN SP 10 is recommended.



  • Planetelf PAG have good compatibility behaviour and miscibility with R134a refrigerant allowing optimal cooling of the air conditionning system, and compressor safety under heavy duty use.
  • The 250cc cans are filled under nitrogen blanket guaranteeing a water content less than 0,05 %. Water (humidity in air) in the air conditionning system may cause severe damages in hoses and to the relief valve.


Pack sizes available - 20ltr, 25x250ml

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Total Biotrans LS FE 75w-90 - Synthetic biodegradable axle lubricant - 174389

Total Biotrans LS FE 75w-90 - Synthetic biodegradable axle lubricant - 174389


Very high performance synthetic biodegradable lubricant, coming from renewable raw material, dedicated to final reductions and disc limited slip differential axles.



  • Lubrication of axles equipped with disc limited slip differential systems of Public-Works or Agricultural machinery.
  • Can also be used in classical hypoïd axles, non-equipped with self-locking differential systems.
  • More generally, BIOTRANS LS FE 75W-90 is used in all loaded gear cases (reduction or translation), requesting the use of a reinforced Extreme-Pressure API GL-5 lubricant.
  • Is formulated with renewable modified base oils, conforming to the environnemental criterias of main current labels.
  • Can also lubrify the self-locking differential systems of certain Passenger Cars.



  • Meets the European Community definition of “Biolubricant”
  • Conform to the International Classifications : API GL-5 and MIL.L 2105D
  • Adapted to the lubrication of axles of the following Earth Moving machinery:
  • And also to 4 Wheel-Drive Agricultural tractor Front axles of :
                   CLAAS-RENAULT, STEYR, DEUTZ, SAME, VALTRA, etc…



  • Smooth clutching without chocks nor excessive slippage of self-locking friction discs.
  • Thanks to its Extreme-Pressure additives, provides a maximum protection of very loaded gears working with shocks.
  • Good compatibility with transmission organ seals.
  • Specially recommended in case of possible contamination of cultivated land, water, forests and sensitive environments which must be preserved.
  • Its rheological and friction characteristics generate a reduction of the mechanical energy losses in the lubricated organ and then a fuel consumption reduction...


Pack sizes available - 20ltr

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