Neat Oils

Castrol CareCut ES 3

VISCOSITY - 6 mm/s² at 40°C

High performance neat cutting oil


Castrol CareCut™ ES 3 is low viscosity, chlorine and heavy metal free neat cutting oil based on advanced
biodegradable ester technology. It is especially formulated with superior ashless boundary lubrication additives to
optimise machining performance, enhance surface finish and lower the overall operating costs.
It can be used in single sump machines and large central systems.


CareCut ES 3 is designed for severe honing and superfinishing of ferrous and non ferrous materials. It can also be
used for grinding applications, drilling and general machining of aluminium, yellow metals, cast iron and medium
alloyed steel.
CareCut ES 3 can also be used for hard metal as well as tool grinding.
CareCut ES 3 does not contain active sulphur and is hence compatible with yellow metals.

  • Excellent flushing and lubrication properties extend honing stone life and enable high surface finish and
    dimensional accuracy.
  • Low viscosity and excellent wetting properties reduce drag out and results in lower product usage.
  • Good filtering characteristics and high oxidation stability help increase product lifetime .
  • Our chlorine, mineral oil and heavy metal-free formulation, based on advanced biodegradable ester technology
    improves the environmental profile and can help reduce disposal costs.
  • High flashpoint, low odor, light color and low mist qualities improve the work environment.
  • Multi-metal machining using our superior additive technology provides opportunity for product consolidation.
Viscosity 6 mm/s² at 40°C
Metal type Aluminum, Cast Iron, High alloy steel / Stainless steel, Low / Med alloy steel, Other Alloys, Yellow Metal
Multi metals suitable Yes
Ester/EP additives Yes
Formulated without Chlorinated Paraffin Yes
Formulated without Heavy Metal Yes
Product type Metal Working Fluids
Applicable to these sectors Aerospace, Automotive Manufacture, Machinery, Metal Goods

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