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As Castrol's UK Specialist Industrial Lubricant Distributor and Distribution Partner for Total Energies and Lubric8, working with Kernow Oils means that you are in safe hands. Our partnership with these brands ensures we supply the best quality products across an extensive product range with our vast physical stock holding. It also means we can provide the highest level of impartial, sector specific advice from our highly regarded technical support experts. As an independent distributor, we pride ourselves in offering an unparalleled service which puts the customer at the heart of what we do in a way that only an independent can. We don't just sell we:


CoolantCare - Fluid Management Services

Unlike many other industrial lubricant distributors, we offer a CoolantCare-Fluid Management Service to our customers as standard. Routine monitoring of coolants for quality is necessary to optimise performance and prevent problems. Our CoolantCare specialists are on hand to make periodic on-site visits to check the status of your coolant. By monitoring concentrations, ph values and dipslides, they can work with you to maintain the coolants effectiveness making your machines more productive, predictable, and reliable whilst helping to minimise contamination, prolong coolant life and reduce the frequency of disposal.
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Problem Solving & Bespoke Lubricant Solutions

As well as providing industrial lubricant distribution of household brand names, Kernow Oils also specialises in working with customers to develop tailor-made products designed to fit your specifications. Through producing customer-led industrial lubrication solutions Kernow Oils can not only provide lubrication that ensures maximum performance from the lubricant but equally one which serves to protect your asset against friction and ultimately wear to ensure the maximum lifespan. If you are looking for a tailor-made industrial lubricant solution, please get in touch with your specifications and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.
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Fluid Testing and Oil Recycling Facilities

Regular oil analysis & condition monitoring is essential in keeping machinery working reliably and efficiently. To ensure oil continues working at initial operating levels, we recommend carrying out regular sampling. Our lubricant experts can help with this by taking on-site samples for lab testing. Advisors can then feed back with a detailed 'health' report of your oil. In carrying out this process we can determine the lubricants efficiency, remaining lifespan, levels of microbial or particulate contamination, or assess if the oil can be supported by additives potentially allowing you to get ahead of any issues, costly repairs, or downtime.
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Oil Containment Advice & Products

Ensuring that your lubrication storage and dispensing equipment is fit for purpose and that you are following best practice guidelines is essential to running your business in an environment where the use of oil based lubricants and greases are common. Firstly, oil lubricants and greases must be stored and handled in the correct manner not only to achieve strict safety standards but to deliver their maximum performance. Secondly, poor handling and storage of lubricants may result in your workspace becoming dirty, unsafe and contaminated over time. Our experts are on hand to provide advice on oil containment, storage and dispensing. Armed with experience, knowledge, and an impressive catalogue of products, our specialists can work with you to suggest a range of solutions that suit your specific needs.
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Fluid Handling & Safety Equipment

Oil and fluid handling equipment is essential in the safe running of a workshop which regularly uses oil lubrication products. As well as a strong health and safety aspect, it is crucial in maintaining an efficient workshop. For this reason, it is imperative that workshop handling and dispensing equipment is suitable for the task at hand and that best practices are being observed. As with all handling of oil lubricants, failure to have the correct robust practices in place risks resulting in costly longer term problems. Not withstanding the reduced efficiency of the products itself. When looking at solutions you need to consider; the specific requirement, the application, the type of fluid used, and the storage environment. Our experts are on hand to provide advice on all aspects of oil containment, storage and dispensing.
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Spill Control & Emergency Products

Our knowledgeable expert advisers can provide bespoke recommendations on your spill response requirements as well as provide helpful advice on storage and containment equipment to ensure you are compliant with current regulations. Spill kits typically consist of absorbent socks, pads, bins, and disposable bags and are there to provide an emergency response solution to a spillage. Spill kits are available in a number of sizes depending on the intended purpose and usage. From small risk spillages, to harmful or environmentally hazardous chemicals our spill kits are suited to a variety of sectors, spanning automotive, industrial and commercial, where a fluid or oil spill could occur. We stock brands such as Fentex, EVO Recycled and SpillPod, all carefully engineered to keep firms compliant with regulations.
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Popular Products

Castrol Hysol SL 50 XBB metalworking coolant oil
Soluble Coolants

Castrol Hysol SL 50 XBB

Castrol Hysol SL 50 XBB High Performance Soluble Metalworking Fluid

Castrol Hysol SL 50 XBB is a high-performance soluble metalworking fluid formulated without boron and biocides to satisfy the latest fluid waste management regulations. It contains an additive package that may help to enhance machining performance and surface finish. It also provides excellent product stability which helps to lower the overall operational costs.

Hysol SL 50 XBB is suitable for large central systems and single sump machines.

Total Energies Carter SY 320 Transmission Oil
Industrial Gear Oils

Total Carter SY 320

Total Carter SY 320 Synthetic Lubricant For Enclosed Gear Drives

Total Carter SY 320 Synthetic Lubricant is especially suited for use in industrial transmissions with a high slip rate such as spur gears, worm screws and gears operating at very high temperatures.

It offers a very high and shear-stable viscosity index along with a low coefficient of friction giving greater protection for non-ferrous parts, such as the bronze ring gear in worm gears systems, offering an energy saving of between 5 and 10% compared with a mineral oil. It also possesses excellent thermal stability: extending oil lifetimes, very good foaming behaviour and fantastic extreme pressure and anti-wear properties as well as very high-level corrosion protection (tested with sea and acidic water).

Non-miscible with mineral oils and certain synthetic lubricants.

Castrol Vecton Long Drain 10w-30 E6 E9 Engine Oil
Agricultural Engine Oil, Commercial Vehicle Engine Oil

Castrol Vecton Long Drain 10w-30 E6/E9

Castrol Vecton Long Drain 10w-30 E6/E9 For Longer Oil Life

Castrol VECTON Long Drain 10W-30 E6/E9 is an advanced part synthetic heavy-duty diesel engine oil that is specifically engineered to deliver longer useful oil life. It is suitable for highly rated diesel engines meeting Euro I to Euro VI emission requirements. It is suitable for engines with or without particulate filters, for most EGR engines and most engines fitted with SCR NOx reduction systems. It is strongly recommended for engines fitted with particulate filters and is designed for use in combination with low-sulphur diesel fuel



‘’Ian at Kernow oils was extremely helpful and resolved the issues with our supplier’s product by introducing the Castrol Hysol SL 45XBB. This was carried out in a timely and professional manner. We look forward to using the Castrol coolant throughout all our machines knowing we have the continued support from Kernow oils’’.

G***** Managing Director - Gary Longhurst

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