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Total energies quartz box

Total energies quartz box


Total energies quartz box benefits

Total Energies' Quartz Box, the ultimate in sustainable design

The TE Quartz Box is a new and ingenious eco-efficient packaging concept, designed to increase sustainability by using 86% less plastic¹ and recyclable cardboard and secondly, to provide an innovative, efficient storage solution so customers can optimise the logistics of their lubricant inventory.

Quartz Box pallets deliver 20% more volume per pallet² space over the previous 20L packaging which means fewer trucks on the road.

With the Quartz Box, optimize your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with on top, massive CO2 savings.

No spills, less waste. Let Quartz Box work for you

Simple and sturdy, Quartz Box can be stacked 6 to a shelf, providing that much-needed extra space in the workshop.

Easy pouring with the cap’s no-spill design allows our mechanics to fill jars and work in safety for waste reduction purposes.

As they can be completely flattened, the waste storage volume is significantly reduced compared to standard 20-L packaging.

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Quartz Box, Ingenious Eco-Design Solution & Great Environmental Credentials

See how the TE Quartz Box system could work for you in this short video:

How Quartz Box works?


Find out more...

You can find more information on leading the way and transforming how you work by visiting the Quartz Box page on the Total Energies website. Or visit our Total Quartz Box blog for a short overview. You can also view our range of Total Energies Quartz engine oil here.

Alternatively, you can contact us at use our contact page, or give us an old-fashioned call on 01736 757002 for further information.

1 86% less plastic. Result for the new 20-L Quartz Box packaging compared to our traditional TotalEnergies’ rigid plastic 20-L packaging.
2 Quartz Box pallets deliver 20% more volume per pallet space than the previous 20-L.