Total Energies Quartz Box

Total Energies Quartz Box

The Revolution In Sustainable Oil Storage Has Arrived

The Quartz Box is Total Energies’ ingenious eco-efficient concept designed to increase sustainability by using 86% less plastic* and recycled cardboard. This new packaging concept provides efficient storage and optimised logistics for your lubricant inventory.



The Key Benefits Of The Quartz Box

Quartz boxes can be stacked 6 to a shelf and completely flattened once empty. This means that inventory storage as well as waste storage needs are greatly reduced. Imagine what you could do with the extra space!


✅ 86% Less Plastic & Recyclable Cardboard: Reduce your CO2 footprint and improve your green credentials with this environmentally focused system.

✅ Optimise Space: Reduced need for inventory and waste storage freeing up vital workshop space.

✅ Increased Logistics Efficiency: Quartz Box pallets deliver 20% more volume per pallet than standard 20L packs resulting in fewer trucks on the road.

✅ Specially Designed Packs & Racks: Allows cubes to be carried and stored safely with easy access ready for operation.

✅ No More Wastage: With the cubes’ simple ‘no-spill’ pouring caps, spillage wastage is a thing of the past reducing costs and time, and keeping your workshop safe and clean.

✅ Durable Inner Cheertainer: Offers a high puncture resistance and improves shelf life.

✅ Greater Operational Efficiency

✅ Optimised Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)



Join the Quartz Box revolution!

Available through Kernow-oils. For more information drop us an email at or call on 01736 757002 and we can help set you on the path to a greener, cleaner, more environmentally friendly inventory solution.


See how the Total Energies Quartz Box system could work for you in this short video:


Find out more…

You can find more information on leading the way and transforming how you work by visiting the Quartz Box page on the Total Energies website. Or visit our Total Quartz Box information page for a more detailed overview. You can also view our range of Total Energies Quartz engine oil here.

Alternatively, you can contact us at use our contact page, or give us an old-fashioned call on 01736 757002 for further information.


*compared to 20L rigid plastic packaging.

March 19, 2024