Why Total Energies?

TotalEnergies is the world’s fifth-largest integrated energy company, marketing oil, biofuels, natural gas and green gases, renewables and electricity. Employing nearly 105,000 people on five continents. TotalEnergies produces and sells its products under the TOTAL  brand in more than 130 countries and is committed to energy that is ever more affordable, clean, reliable and accessible to as many people as possible.


Thanks to a major investment in R&D and close cooperation with equipment manufacturers, TotalEnergies creates high-technology products with substantial added value, for optimal performance and protection of your machinery.

Safe and eco-friendly products

Elements designed to reduce the risk of toxicity and VOC emissions and encourage recycling and elimination from the environment are incorporated into the design of every new product. TotalEnergies renews its ISO 9001 certification every three years, as a guarantee of its long-term commitment.

Food safety

TotalEnergies’ ISO 21469 certification for the production of the NEVASTANE range is an additional guarantee of long-term commitment to food safety.


The wide range of TOTAL products means that you can find the lubricants or specialized products to meet your every need. By choosing TOTAL, you can be fully confident that our team will work with you to enhance your productivity and reduce your maintenance costs.

Total Energies news

TotalEnergies fantastic range of Lubricants is distributed through a select few dedicated Distribution Partners. Kernow Oils adds real value to the TOTAL brand with the addition of our own in-house technical support and stock holding.



Total Aero

Total Aero 100

Total Aero 120

Total Aero D 100

Wheels & Tracks


Total Agritraite 68

Total Altis EM 2

Total Altis MV 2

Total Altis SH 2

Marine Lubricants


Total Azolla AF 46

Total Azolla AF 68

Total Azolla AL 15

Total Azolla DZF 22

Food Grade


Total Finavestan A 100 B

Total Finavestan A 180 B

Total Finavestan A 210 B

Total Finavestan A 360 B