Why Castrol?

Kernow Oils is the UK’s Industrial Specialist Castrol Oil Distributor

Why choose Castrol Oil over other brands?

• Global Expertise
• The latest thinking
• The most advanced technologies
• The highest quality ingredients

All are utilised in Castrol’s leading-edge products that are specifically designed to deliver technology that positively impacts the performance, lifetime and productivity of your equipment.

Castrol oils offer you a comprehensive range of world-class lubricants which deliver the performance you need in a full range of applications, including the most demanding and capital-intensive, where leading-edge lubrication technology is required.

As Castrol’s UK Industrial Specialist Castrol Oil Distributor, we can help make sure your equipment runs reliably, even in difficult and sometimes hostile environments, and for long periods – giving you improved production efficiency.

With an emphasis on your process reliability, they have developed a comprehensive range of premium metalworking fluids. To ensure they meet your needs, we, as the UK Industrial specialist Castrol oil distributor, can offer you Castrol’s extensive knowledge and experience in their application across various sectors and industrial applications. Our compatible products help you improve your quality and productivity and reduce overall process costs.

Only Castrol oil has the technology inside. So don’t just settle for a lubricant that satisfies the basic required specification, look after your investment and get protection that exceeds the necessary standards.

As the UK’s Specialist Industrial Castrol Oil Distributor, we hold a full range of stock in our warehouse and can fulfil your lubrication needs.


Castrol news

Castrol is THE Global leader in its formulation of truly unique problem-solving products.
Take a look through our Blog for case studies and the latest product news.

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Castrol Oil Distributor



Castrol Acrylic Mould Dressing

Castrol Acrylic Mould Dressing

Castrol Aero 35 Yellow - Aviation Oil

Castrol Aero 35 Yellow

Castrol Aero 40 Yellow Landing Gear 5G

Castrol Aero 40

Castrol Aero HF 585 B Aviation Oil

Castrol Aero HF 585 B

Marine Lubricants


Castrol Anvol CF 22 Lubricant Oil

Castrol Anvol CF 22

Castrol Biostat 150 Lubricant Oil

Castrol BioStat 150

Castrol Biobar 22 Lubricant Oil

Castrol BioBar 22

Castrol Biobar 32 Lubricant Oil

Castrol BioBar 32

Food Grade


Castrol Optileb CH 150 Food Production Lubricant Oil

Castrol Optileb CH 150

Castrol Optileb ch 1500 Spray Food Oil

Castrol Optileb CH 1500 Spray

Castrol Optileb FD Spray Food Oil

Castrol Optileb F&D Spray

Castrol Optileb GR 823-0 Food Safe Oil

Castrol Optileb GR 823-0