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Castrol Optigear EP 46


Castrol Optigear EP 46 High Performance Gear Oils


Castrol Optigear EP 46 is formulated with Castrol’s Microflux Trans Plastic Deformation (MFT-PD) additives and increased load carrying additives.

MFT-PD helps improve performance when operating temperature and loads reach a certain level of activation energy, by enabling the micro-smoothing of surface roughness without increasing wear. The smoothed surface delivers optimum wear protection and an extremely low coefficient of friction, especially in applications which experience extreme pressure, shock loads, vibrations or low speeds.

The increased load-carrying additives are included in order to meet the FZG Gear Scuffing test (Included in API GL-5 designation).

Optigear EP exceeds the minimum requirements according to DIN 51517, part 3, CLP gear oils and also meets the FZG “Sprungtest” included in the GL5 specification.


In Optigear EP the combination of MFT-PD low friction, gear oil-CLP and GL5 – FZG “Sprungtest” performance means this product range is particularly suited for applications where boundary and mixed film lubrication conditions occur. These conditions are most likely found in gearboxes and bearings which have stop/start motion such as in Robots or Textile machines.

The combination of high performance in the GL5 – FZG “Sprungtest, FE8 bearing test, elastomer compatibility, and low friction makes this range is unique in Industrial gears.


Compared to conventional oils, Castrol Optigear EP 46 can deliver the following advantages:

  • Very high load-carrying capacity.
  • Reduction of the coefficient of friction and temperature.
  • Extended operating periods even under high loads and speed.
  • Improvement of the surface quality and smoothing of existing surface damage.
  • Reduced running-in period or even eliminated.
  • Extended service life of gears.
  • Reduced energy, maintenance and disposal costs.


Operating temperatureMax. 88°C
Viscosity46 mm/s² at 40°C
Viscosity index95
Oil typeMineral
Product typeLubricating Oils
Applicable to these sectorsMachinery, Metals

All packages should be stored under cover. Where outside storage is unavoidable drums should be laid horizontally to avoid the possible ingress of water and damage to drum markings. Products should not be stored above 60°C, or exposed to hot sun or freezing conditions.

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Castrol Optigear EP46 High Performance Lubricant Oil

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