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Castrol BioTac MP

Castrol BioTac MP Environmentally Responsible Multipurpose EP Grease


Castrol BioTac MP is an environmentally responsible, multipurpose EP grease based on a combination of Lithium Complex thickener technology, biodegradable base oil and an optimized performance additive system to impart corrosion protection, oxidation stability and load-carrying capability. The inclusion of polymer technology enhances the adhesive properties of the grease, improving water resistance and thus reducing the potential for contamination of both the open deck and the marine environment.

Castrol Bio Tac MP has been registered according to OSPAR (Oslo and Paris Convention) requirements and approved by UK regulators for use offshore. It therefore meets the requirements for being an environmentally acceptable lubricant under the 2013 US Vessel General Permit.


Bio Tac MP has been developed primarily for use on exposed marine deck applications and combines excellent physical properties that enable resistance to both mechanical shear and water spray-off with an additive system developed to protect exposed components from corrosion, oxidation and the effects of load, friction and wear.

Castrol BioTac MP is intended for use in a wide range of applications including plain bearings, wire ropes and open gears typically found in marine mooring and cargo winches. Furthermore, ramp door bearings, pedestal bearings and cargo hatch rollers are also examples of slow/medium speed marine deck applications for which Bio Tac MP is ideally suited.

The combination of thickener and base oil technology enables Castrol BioTac MP to have a broad operating temperature
range of between -35C and +125C.


Castrol BioTac MP Lubricant Advantages:

  • Load Carrying Capacity – Good protection of equipment under loaded conditions to minimize wear.
  • High Base Oil Viscosity – Bio Tac MP provides a strong oil film to give better protection than a lower viscosity oil, at slow speeds and high loads.
  • Corrosion Protection – Bio Tac MP is specifically developed for use in marine applications, providing good resistance to the effects of salt water and corrosion.
  • Low-temperature flow properties -Bio Tac MP retains its ease of application and flow at lower temperatures than mineral-based alternatives.
  • Colour – Due to its white colour, Bio Tac MP stains less than dark greases and better shows contamination making visual inspection far easier.
  • Strand formation tendency – Limited strand formation helps to minimize the safety risk posed by grease strings on deck, as well as the potential for water pollution.

It is preferable to completely remove and clean all used grease from components before applying Castrol BioTac MP. If this is not feasible, during the transition period, it is advisable to apply Bio Tac MP more frequently, to purge the old grease and monitor the operating conditions to ensure optimum performance. Whilst traditional ways of applying grease on wire ropes may be utilized, the use of a proprietary pressurized grease applicator following the manufacturer’s instructions may assist in applying the appropriate quantity of grease and may also help to protect the core of the wire rope. Care should be taken to ensure that only a thin film of grease is applied to the external surfaces of the wire ropes as excessive greasing could potentially lead to contamination of surrounding areas. The crew on board should always ensure that relevant equipment and surfaces are properly lubricated and coated with grease.

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Castrol Biotac mp Grease Lubricant

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