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Castrol Syntilo CR 4

Castrol Syntilo CR 4 Synthetic Coolant


Castrol Syntilo CR 4 is a synthetic coolant which has been developed for tungsten carbide grinding. Further it can be used for general grinding of ferrous metals. It forms a clear, stable solution in both hard and soft waters.

Syntilo CR 4 exhibits good anti-corrosion properties coupled with a long system life.


Syntilo CR 4 is developed for surface, cylindrical, double disk and centreless grinding especially of tungsten carbide.


Castrol Syntilo CR 4 Synthetic Coolant Product Advantages:

  • Minimizes cobalt build-up which can lead to health hazards and tool/part failures
  • Improves surface finish of components through reduced cobalt dissolution from the tungsten carbide binder matrix
  • Low foaming in all water conditions to ensure continuous grinding performance
  • Inhibits microbial growth to extend fluid life in central systems and individual sumps
  • Rejects tramp oil to the surface of the fluid for easy removal
  • Chlorine, phenol and nitrite free for environmental compliance
  • Excellent corrosion protection even in hard water
  • Settles chips quickly to prevent grinding wheel build-up and maintain a clean working environment
  • Low residue tendency even at long sump life
  • Boron, chlorine, phenol and nitrite free for environmental compliance
Mineral oil0
Concentration range5-15%
Metal typeCast Iron, Low / Med alloy steel, Other Alloys
Multi metals suitableNo
Formulated without Chlorinated ParaffinYes
Formulated without BoronYes
Product typeMetal Working Fluids
Applicable to these sectorsAerospace, Automotive Manufacture, Machinery, Metal Goods

Recommended Concentrations:

Grinding: 5-6%
Water range: 50–400 ppm CaCO3


To avoid product deterioration always keep the container/drum tightly sealed. Store the product in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Prevent exposure to frost and avoid water ingress. For optimum product stability, it is preferable to store the product indoors between 5°C and 45 °C / 41°F and 113°F. For more details, please refer the product safety data sheet.

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Castrol Syntilo CR4 metalworking soluble cooling fluids

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