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Castrol Brayco Micronic SV/B

Castrol Brayco Micronic SV/B Closed Loop Control Medium


Castrol Brayco Micronic SV/B is a control fluid specifically formulated using synthetic technology, for use as the control medium in closed-loop surface and subsea production control systems. The fluid incorporates all the features required for operation throughout the control system including Sub Surface Safety Valves (SSSV) and intelligent well completions. Brayco Micronic SV/B has been developed and qualified under a Quality Management system with ISO 9001:2000 Certification and an Environmental Management System with ISO 14001:2004 Certification for Research and Development. Qualification testing was carried out following ISO 13628-6 Annex C (2006 E) requirements.

  • Designed for use in all conventional and high-pressure, high-temperature applications (according to API 17 TR8).
  • Can operate over a temperature range of -40ºC (-40ºF) to 150ºC (302ºF).
  • Suitable for use within Electro-Hydraulic Multiplex (EH-Mux) or direct hydraulic control systems.
  • Designed for use throughout the entire production and workover control systems, covering Topsides and Subsea applications: both open water and well bore; and Downhole from the control of a single SSSV through to complex intelligent well completions.

Castrol Brayco Micronic SV/B Lubricant Advantages:

  • Has field-proven performance, with an operating capability of up to 150ºC (302ºF).
  • Maintains corrosion performance with seawater contamination.
  • Tolerant of the high well temperatures encountered by those parts of the control system located at the well bore.
  • Fully compatible and miscible in all proportions with other products in the Castrol Brayco Micronic Subsea range.
  • Compatible with a wide range of materials commonly used in subsea control systems (see Tables 3 & 4). More detailed compatibility information is available on request.
Castrol Brayco Micronic SVB Data Sheet

Castrol Brayco Micronic SVB Data Sheet


Care and Handling

This product has been manufactured to a tightly controlled cleanliness specification. Any container that has been opened for use must be re-sealed to avoid contamination ingress from the environment (eg particulates or water). Any contaminants entering the product can affect its performance. The integrity of the product once the container is opened is the responsibility of the end user. It is good practice to use tarpaulins or drum lids to cover all containers to prevent ingress of contamination.

As with all oil-based control fluids, Castrol Brayco Micronic SV/B must never be mixed with control fluids of different base types such as water glycol (e.g. CastroI Transaqua HT2). It can be used to replace mineral oils (such as the Castrol Hyspin range), but this requires clarification with Castrol. Contamination of Castrol Brayco Micronic SV/B with other fluid types can seriously affect product performance.

If you need advice on any of the above, please contact your local Castrol Technical Service Engineer for more specific details.


All containers should be stored under cover and protected from exposure to direct sunlight. Do not store containers in temperatures below minus 30ºC or above 45°C. 208L plastic drums can be stored a maximum of 2 high, providing a pallet is used to distribute the upper load evenly. In addition, the fill level of the upper drums should be less than or equal to the fill level of the lower drums. It is not recommended to store 208L plastic drums horizontally.

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