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Castrol Braycote 3214

Castrol Braycote 3214 Synthetic Aircraft Grease


Castrol Braycote 3214 is a multi-purpose high-temperature full synthetic grease, which is approved and qualified for MIL-PRF-32014. This product contains a lithium soap thickening agent formulated with a medium-viscosity synthetic base oil. Special additives in combination with these key ingredients provide superior wear protection, high load carrying capacity, improved resistance to water and salt water wash out, corrosion inhibition, improved mobility at low temperatures and outstanding stability at high temperatures. Braycote 3214 grease is recommended for use in aircraft applications with adverse conditions such as high temperature, high humidity and/or high speeds


Castrol Braycote 3214 was designed for use in aircraft applications requiring a water-resistant, high-speed, high-load-carrying capacity grease suitable for use in challenging conditions. This product is intended for use in a variety of aircraft applications including landing gear assemblies and bearings, flight controls, flap/slat systems and gear applications where water resistance and corrosion protection are required. Braycote 3214 grease, like any other lithium-thickened grease, is incompatible with clay and bentonite-based greases and should not be used for relubrication of existing components without confirmation of suitability for use from the component manufacturer and/or aircraft OEM. Temperature range: -65°F to a maximum of 347°F (-54°C to a maximum of 175°C)

Castrol Braycote 3214 Data Sheet

Castrol Braycote 3214 Data Sheet


Castrol Braycote 3214 is fully approved and qualified to MIL-PRF-32014.

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Castrol Braycote 3214 Tin
50 x 396g

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