Castrol Techniclean M XBB

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Castrol Techniclean M XBB Multi-Purpose Process Cleaner


Castrol Techniclean M XBB is an aqueous, mildly alkaline industrial multi-purpose cleaner containing biodegradable surfactants and corrosion inhibitors.


Castrol Techniclean M XBB is a multi-purpose process cleaner for precision cleaning of most metals to the most demanding specifications in a wide range of modern equipment, which includes spray and intensive flood wash as well as all types of dip and ultrasonic applications.

It is also proven to clean silicon wafers used within the solar energy industry. Techniclean M XBB effectively removes soluble oils, light-duty neat cutting or forming oils, lubrication oils, soft film corrosion preventives, swarf and general dirt.


Castrol Techniclean M XBB Product Advantages:

  • Leaves a temporary corrosion preventive film on the metal surface to help minimising the scrap rate which improves productivity.
  • Emulsified oil separates on standing and can be skimmed off in order to increase bath-life which aids the reduction of maintenance and disposal cost.
  • Biodegradable surfactant package to improve the environmental profile.
  • Versatile, can be used in various applications on most metals and is suitable in hard and soft water which enables possible product consolidation.
Metal typeAluminum, Cast Iron, High alloy steel / Stainless steel, Low / Med alloy steel, Yellow Metal
Multi metals suitableYes
Formulated without SilicateYes
Formulated without BoronYes
Product typeSurface Treatments
Applicable to these sectorsAutomotive Manufacture, Machinery, Metal Goods, Metals

To avoid product deterioration always keep the container/drum tightly sealed. Store the product in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Prevent exposure to frost and avoid water ingress. For optimum product stability, it is preferable to store the product indoors between 5°C and 45 °C / 41°F and 113°F. For more details, please refer the product safety data sheet. This product was previously called CareClean MP. The name was changed in 2015.

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Castrol Techniclean MP1 Metalwork Cleaner and Degreaser

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