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Castrol Alphasyn EP 220


Castrol Alphasyn EP 220 Synthetic Industrial Gear Oil


Alphasyn EP 220 gear oil is a high-quality synthetic lubricant based on poly-alpha olefin (PAO) fluids and sulphur/phosphorus Extreme Pressure (EP) additive technology providing good thermal stability and high load-carrying capacity.


Castrol Alphasyn EP 220 has been formulated for use in all types of enclosed gears including heavy and shock-loaded gears and bearings where EP properties are required.

They are suitable for use in gearboxes where micro-pitting resistance is required and for a wide range of applications in extreme environments, for example, mining and quarrying, marine applications and paper production.

The use of a PAO base stock provides an inherently high Viscosity Index (VI) and low pour points making these products suitable for use over a wide temperature range.
Castrol Alphasyn EP 220 is fully compatible with nitrile, silicone and fluoropolymer seal materials.

Castrol Alphasyn EP 220 is classified as follows:

DIN Classification is CLP

The Alphasyn EP range meets the requirements of:

  • DIN 51517 Part 3
  • Flender
  • AGMA 9005 – E02
  • AIST 224
  • David Brown Type E

Castrol Alphasyn EP 220 Oil Advantages:

  • Full EP performance gives protection of gears against wear and shock loading, including protection against micro-pitting.
  • Good thermal and oxidative stability provides reliable operation and extended operating life when compared to mineral oil-based products.
  • High corrosion protection for gears.
  • An inherently high Viscosity Index (VI) makes the product suitable for operations over a wide temperature range.
  • Rapid air release and good performance in the Flender Foam Test prevents foaming and bearing damage.
  • Good water separation and demulsification characteristics mean reduced downtime through prolonged lubricant life and increased equipment reliability.
  • PAO-based lubricant provides good compatibility with seals, paints and mineral oil-based lubricants.
Operating temperatureMax. 93°C
Viscosity220 mm/s² at 40°C
Viscosity index140
Oil typePAO
Product typeLubricating Oils
Applicable to these sectorsAerospace, Automotive Manufacture, Cement, Chemicals, Engineered Wood, Machinery, Metal Goods, Metals, Mining, Pulp & Paper, Sugar
Castrol Alphasyn EP220 synthetic transmission oil

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