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Castrol Iloquench 100
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Hot quenching oil


Castrol Iloquench 100 is a medium viscosity oil that is particularly suitable for quenching intricate components to the required hardness. At the recommended oil bath temperature, its viscosity is low enough to prevent the retention of oil by capillary action and to reduce drag out losses. Iloquench 100 is an additive treated oil that combines high temperature
thermal and oxidative stability with low volatility, thus ensuring that fuming and evaporation are kept to a minimum.


Iloquench 100 is recommended for use in hot quenching applications where distortion and stress caused by cold
quenching is a problem. The product would be used for example in the automotive industry where close dimensional
control of the components is essential. Iloquench 100 can be used between 120°C and 180°C. Although the product
has excellent resistance to oxidative degradation, it is recommended that at these temperatures, the oil bath is protected
from the air by a reducing atmosphere or inert gas.

  • Highly resistant to oxidation and thermal degradation thereby leading to a longer life in service.
  • High flash point and fire points for safe operation.
  • Minimum deposit formation.
  • Controlled quench acceleration.
  • Improved hardness with minimum cracking and distortion.
  • Promotes deep hardening of parts.
  • Low viscosity at high bulk oil temperatures assures low drag out losses.
  • Low volatility ensures fuming and evaporation are kept to a minimum.
Viscosity 110 mm/s² at 40°C
Metal type High alloy steel / Stainless steel, Low / Med alloy steel
Product type Surface Treatments
Applicable to these sectors Automotive Manufacture, Machinery, Metal Goods, Power Generation

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