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Quaker Houghton Fenella F 601

Water miscible synthetic hot forging lubricant (graphite free)


FEN ELLA FLUID F 601 is successfully used in hammer, mechanical and mechanical/friction presses. The product covers moderate to heavy duty applications with severe extrusion of material (flow) and can be used for the production of complex parts.
FENELLA FLUID F 601 offers not only excellent general properties, but also eliminates tough and abrasive build-up on the dies, to increase die life.
FEN ELLA FLUID F 601 has very interesting advantages compared with oil based release-agents. During the application, there is no fume, flame and explosion danger, therefore no risk of tool cracking and rapid wear, whilst cleanliness in work areas is considerably improved.


The special formulation and the high concentration of its components allow use of the product at high dilution rate with high cost savings.
FEN ELLA FLUID F 601 forms a white coating on the die with excellent release and lubricating properties. This coating allows good metal flow during the hot forming, leaving on the die an adherent and resistant film even at high die temperatures
FEN ELLA FLUID F 601 can also be used for Warm Forging on Schuler machines.


o Reduces costs and increases productivity – excellent forming properties, good release, reduces wear on the dies, low foaming, clean surfaces on the metal surface after forging reduce subsequent cleaning operations
o Easy to use – easy to mix with water and control with a refractometer, forms a stable solution that uniformly wets the die surface.
o Operator and Environmentally friendly – graphite and oil free for a clean working environment. Ammonia free for a pleasant working environment.

  • Appearance – Colourless liquid
  • Specific gravity@ 20°C – 1. 14
  • pH – 7.6
  • Refractometer factor  – 2.75
  • Viscosity BK-20°C (505-20rpm) mPa s – 150

It is recommended that dilutions are made with suitable mixing equipment If manually mixing, add water slowly to the product while mixing for best results.


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