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Quaker Houghton Houghto-Safe 200 X

Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid (IS067 43-4 Type H FC -water glycol)


HOUGHTO-SAFE 200X is a premium performance, water containing, synlhetic hydraulic fluid .
It greotiy reduces risks where hydraulic equipment operates near flames, hot surfaces or molten metals.


HOUGHTO-SAFE 200X is particularly suited to oil hydraulic systems !hot require a balanced combination of fire resistance and good lubrication and where there is the possibility of contamination by sea water.
HOUGHTO-SAFE 200X hos been used successfully for many years in naval vessels, both surface and submarine, and is approved to current UK Novy Standards for such applications.

  • High security against fire
  • Increased operator safety
  • Tolerant to sea water ingress
  • Increased plant security and availability
  • Increased productivity
  • Appearance – Clear fluorescent green liquid
  • Specific Gravity @ I 5.5°C  – 1.08
  • pH – 9.5
  • Water content%  – 40
  • Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C cSt  – -45
  • Flash Point °C (AST MO92)  –  None
  • Fire Point °C (ASTMO92)  –  None

Use as supplied, wilhout dilution.


HOUGHTO-SAFE 200X posses 15020763 standard tests in a Vickers Vl 04 Vane Pump, giving under 50mg weight loss.
HOUGHTO-SAFE 200X posses I5O4404-l corrosion tests and is suitable for use wilh steel, copper, brass and anodised aluminium.
HOUGHTO-SAFE 200X is free from vapour phase corrosion inhibitors, as required by submarine applications.
HOUGHTO-SAFE 200X is low foaming, to minimise the risk of cavitation and air entrainment. In tests to 1506247 it gives a result of 230/0 at 25°C.
HOUGHTO-SAFE 200X is approved to Defence Standard 91- 1 10/lssue 2 (Joint Service Designation OX40)


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