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Quaker Houghton Houghto-Safe 273 ctf v2

Motion Compensator/Riser Tensioner Hydraulic Fluid/ Closed loop BOP fluid


Houghto-Safe 273CTF is a fire resistant non­explosive water glycol hydraulic fluid which incorporates additives which insure long fluid life, excellent pump wear characteristics, protection against corrosion and resistance to microbiological contamination. Recommended for use in motion compensators, drill string and riser tensioners and closed loop hydraulic wellhead control systems.

  • Formulated to meet 50:1 compression ignition test as specified in the U.S. Navy Specification Ml L-H-22072C
  • Contains no nitrites and is biodegradable
  • Non sheening
  • Low pour point
  • Compatible with the majority of elastomers found in today’s hydraulic systems
  • Is corrosion inhibited, both in liquid and vapor phase
  • Outstanding resistance to bacterial and fungal growth
  • No pressure limitations. Pressures governed by equipment limitations
  • Low foaming. High viscosity index
  • Compliant with Global environmental regulations.
  • Appearance – Clear pink/red fluid
  • Kinematic Viscosity
    • @ 40°C (104° F) – 40 est
    • @ 20°C (68°F) – 85 est
    • @ 0°C (32° F) – 250 est
    • @ -10°C (14° F) – 450 est
  • Specific Gravity@ 15.5°C (60° F) – 1.072
  • Pour Point –  -40°C (-40°F)
  • Flash Point  – None
  • Fire Point  – None
  • pH Value  – 9.5
  • Corrosion Inhibition
    • IP 135B  – Pass – no rusting
    • ASTM D-665B  – Pass – no rusting
    • MIL-H-22072C  –  Pass
  • Foaming
    • IP 146 – 0/20/0
    • ASTM D892 Sequence 1
    • Time to complete Collapse – 22 sec.

Refer to MSDS for proper handling and disposal. Please note that the MSDS includes handling, health and disposal information which should be passed on to your employees, and to anyone else who comes in contact with our product. Additional advice can also be obtained from your local Houghton representative.
NOTE: Read and understand all precautions on container labels before using this product.

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