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Quaker Houghton Houghto-Safe SF

Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid (Type HFC - water glycol)


Houghto-Safe SF is a water containing, synthetic hydraulic fluid of viscosity grade ISO VG22.


Houghto-Safe SF has been specifically developed for use in double and single acting hydraulic shore rams.
The low compressibility characteristics provide a consistency of working pressures, a significant factor in systems involving a low volume of fluid transfer at high pressure.
The viscosity is designed to enable pumpability, providing reliability, reduced pressure loss and instant response times.
Houghto-Safe SF greatly reduces fire risk in situations where hydraulic equipment has traditionally operated on low viscosity mineral hydraulic oils.


• Excellent security against fire and explosion
• Good lubricity and anti-I/I/ear characteristics
• Reliable protection of systems and components
• Long term stability
• High resistance to ground water contamination
• Resistant to bacterial and fungal growth

  • Appearance – Flourescent green liquid
  • Specific Gravity at 15.5°C  – 1.09
  • Viscosity at 20°C  – 49 cst
  • Viscosity at 40°C  – 22 cst
  • Water content – 42%
  • pH – 9.5
  • Pour Point – -50°C
  • Flash Point – None
  • Fire point – None

Houghto-Safe SF passes IP135 / ASTMD665A corrosion tests and satisfies the requirements of CETOP R48H on steel, copper, brass and anodised aluminium. Houghto-Safe SF contains vapour phase corrosion inhibitors to protect reservoirs and part-filled systems

Houghto-Safe SF is low foaming, to minimise the risk of cavitation and air entrainment. In tests to I P146 it gives a result of 20/0 at 24°C.

Houghto-Safe SF is suitable for low to medium hydraulic applications.

Houghto-Safe SF is stable for long periods over all ranges of ambient temperature. Freezing and thavving have no adverse effects on fluid properties. Keep tops on drums and use oldest stocks first. Shelf life is approximately 1 year.

Fluid condition may be controlled on-site or by Houghton, by monitoring viscosity, pH and cleanliness.


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