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Quaker Houghton Isocor E68 Plus


Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid (Type HFC-E)


ISOCOR E 68 PLUS is a premium performance, water and glycol based synthetic hydraulic fluid.
With better fire resistance than oil or type HFD fluids, and better lubricity than water based options, ISOCOR E 68 PLUS offers a hitherto unavailable combination of fire resistance and equipment life.
ISOCOR E 68 PLUS significantly reduces risks where hydraulic equipment operates near flames, hot surfaces or molten metals, and at the same time lubricates pumps and equipment under operating conditions that would challenge other conventional water based fluids such as type HFC.


ISOCOR E 68 PLUS has earned key mining industry and OEM approvals, and has well established credentials in a variety of high fire risk applications, e.g. Shearers, Bolter miners, Drilling equipment, Continuous miners, Excavators, Transport systems, Winches, Road headers, Drilling machines. It is ideally suited to high pressure systems in steel producing plants.
90% biodegradability and a WGK Class 1 status makes ISOCOR E 68 PLUS suitable in environmentally sensitive applications, such as dams & water gates, agriculture, construction, forestry and tunneling.


o Considerable security against fire
o Increased operator safety
o Lower insurance premiums
o Increased plant security and availability
o High protection against wear
o Increased productivity

  • Appearance  – Clear, light brown liquid
  • Specific Gravity@ 15. 5°C – 1. 1
  • Reserve alkalinity at pH 5.5 – 9
  • pH – 8
  • Kinematic Viscosity@ 20°C cSt – 203
  • Kinematic Viscosity@ 40°C cst – 72
  • Water content %  – 18
  • Pour Point °C  – minus 30
  • Flash Point °C (ASTMD92) – None
  • Biodegradability – 90%

ISOCOR E 68 PLUS is water soluble, so unlike oils and type HFDU ester based fluids, allows safe use of water based extinguishers in fire situations.
In the stabilised flame test, carried out at an independent laboratory according to 7th Luxembourg Report test reference 3.1.3, lscocor E 68 PLUS scored a Flammability index (RI) rating of 40.

ISOCOR E 68 PLUS therefore offers considerably better fire resistance than ester based fluids, type HFDU, which typically have an RI of less than 10
ISOCOR E 68 PLUS has excellent load carrying properties, reaching FZG Stage 12.

It has been approved by Bosch Rexroth for use in A7V and A8V pumps at 340 and 320 bar respectively, following 1000 hour tests. In a mining drill machine, pump life was extended from 16,000 hours to over 100,000 hours by changing fro m water glycol (HFC) fluid to ISOCOR E 68 PLUS.

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